Ukrainian leadership exploring all options for country’s future

President Viktor Yanukovych secures an estimated $8 billion dollars investment from China
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(PR NewsChannel) / December 5, 2013 / KIEV, Ukraine 

UkraineAs Kiev and Brussels begin preparations for the upcoming dialogue between the EU and Ukraine, President Viktor Yanukovych has continued to explore every opportunity to lead his country through the recent crisis.

While the door remains open for Ukraine’s inclusion into the European Union, reports Yanukovych’s push for increased relations with China has rewarded the struggling country with an estimated $8 billion dollar investment from the Chinese government.

“The documents signed today expand our economic cooperation. We have not yet calculated how much this will make up in terms of money, but we made some calculations earlier, and saw that the matter is about some $8 billion in investments coming to the Ukrainian economy,” said Yanukovych.

Visiting China to implement existing trade agreements between the two countries, Yanukovych was reportedly eager to bring new ideas to the partnership agreement while strengthening the Ukrainian-Chinese relationship.

“I’m confident that the high level of mutual understanding that has been achieved between the two countries in recent years promotes not only constructive and meaningful negotiations on all areas of bilateral operations, but also creates all prerequisites for their significant intensifications,” said Yanukovych during the Beijing talks.

Despite his successful China visit, President Yanukovych has continued to pursue all avenues in stabilizing the country. reports that while Yanukovych was signing papers in Beijing, a Ukraine delegation met with Russian officials in Moscow to discuss existing trade issues relating to railways, customs clearance, meat and dairy products and Ukrainian chocolate.

Earlier this week, it was also announced that Yanukovych and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso have agreed to renew talks on several aspects of a European Union Association Agreement.

Initiated by Ukraine, Monday’s phone call between the two presidents has paved the way for a delegation from Kiev to travel to the EU to renew talks on the Association Agreement and a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.

Ukraine was widely expected to sign an Association Agreement on November 29. However, the government decided to suspend preparations for the signings at the last minute due to difficult internal economic conditions, pressure from Russia, and a lack of meaningful financial support from the EU.

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