Author narrates American blockbuster saga behind $70M BofA lawsuit

(PR NewsChannel) / November 27, 2013 / PALM BEACH, Fla. 
TJ Fisher

TJ Fisher

What kind of person gets sued for $60 million by an ex-pro football player who obtained a $33.3 million default judgment? Who chins up after losing everything from the manse, even clothes and shoes, to breathe deep and tell the story? Who navigates epic adversity and blue ruin to battle Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) to recoup losses? Someone interesting. Resilient Southern author TJ Fisher.

The $70 million David vs. Goliath lawsuit story playing out in the 15th Circuit of Florida just heated up with a new compelling on-camera presence. Fisher has put to video the jaw-dropping backstory of how she came to sue Bank of America—the tale of ex-Ravens Michael McCrary’s seven years of litigation against her.

An unbelievable but true story that spans Palm Beach and New Orleans, Fisher’s Florida lawsuit against BofA is now 33 months old and expected to head to trial soon.

Regarding her video release, “For years now, when people meet me, they Google me under the table,” Fisher says. “I wanted to tell my story. If you stay silent, nobody knows.” She adds, “People like stories about colorful ‘socialites’ who lose everything, with pain and suffering, but only if what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and you pull yourself from the ashes.”

With grace and dignity, and snatches of trademark humor, Fisher depicts the nightmare that has never been told. She puts a vivid face and voice to this at first seemingly complex but then easy to grasp human-interest drama. Detailed video installments are public on TJ Fisher YouTube Channel.

In a tangled movie-of-the-week worthy plotline, McCrary sued Fisher for $60 million and then obtained a default judgment of $33.3 million. Fisher’s life collapsed into a horror story of devastation. “A crash and burn scorched earth downfall of ‘Book of Job’ Biblical level proportions,” she says.

Fisher’s video series include a just-released BofA litigation update and a 10-part “$60 million Woman” series exposé. Fisher takes viewers deep behind tall hedges, court papers and legal wrangling.

TJ Fisher

TJ Fisher and her dogs

South Florida and southeastern Louisiana are each rich in scandal and socialites, masquerade and moguls, secrets and rumors, revenge and enemies. Tiaras and crowned kings and queens. Fistfights and feuds, headdress and black-tie, cocktails and diamonds, big money and conspiracy and intrigue are as common as seersucker suits and fizzy tipple. Babylon rolling. Scandals roll in regularly, like the tides and hurricanes.

Fisher seeks BofA compensation for McCrary’s judgment against her and her losses, from being victimized and cannibalized, which stem from BofA negligence, Fisher alleges.

“The videos speak for themselves,” Fisher said.

Fisher first sued the behemoth financial institution nearly three years ago, however the case continues to be delayed as BofA continues to wage a long fight to avoid jury trial in this colorful headliner case.

Big Banking does not like trial by jury. Separately, the behemoth financial institution recently lost an $864M fraud case trial set before a jury in New York federal court, with the jury handing the U.S. government a unanimous guilty verdict against BofA.

Fisher expects BofA to ultimately fail in their unjustified bid to deprive her of a South Florida 6-member jury trial.

As the effects of billions of dollars of lawsuits, claims and penalties against BofA continue to plague the bank, in 2012 Rolling Stone magazine’s Contributing Editor Matt Taibbi previously dubbed BofA: “Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail.” Journalist and author Taibbi’s lengthy article and companion YouTube video remain available online.

Fisher is confident her case will be set for jury trial shortly, with a courtroom battle showdown slated for early 2014.

Fisher previously split her time between her longtime ocean block home in of the Town of Palm Beach and a historic French Quarter house on storied Bourbon Street. She drove a ’59 pink Cadillac convertible name “Lulabell.”

Fisher is a member of the Writers Guild of America (WGA), Directors Guild of America (DGA), Producers Guild of America (PGA), Dramatists Guild of America (DG), Authors Guild (AG), National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS), Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), and other professional guilds and organizations.

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