Twitter IPO: Should I invest?

Factors to Consider Beyond Twitter Stock Price
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(PR NewsChannel) / November 6, 2013 / SAN FRANCISCO 
Attendees at the SMSS San Francisco Conference work on creating a press release.

Attendees at the SMSS San Francisco Conference work on creating a press release using the keywords Twitter IPO, Twitter stock price, Should I invest in Twitter.

The announcement of this week’s Twitter IPO has people asking the question “should I invest in Twitter?” Some investors fear the Twitter’s stock price will radically drop after the IPO like Facebook’s Initial Public Offering. The real question is, will Twitter learn from Facebook’s stumble? It appears that they have at least been taking notes.

Speaking on the Twitter IPO Steve Henn of NPR News explains, “Twitter is going to old school route, pricing it’s shares modestly in hopes of a pop in early trading.” The Twitter stock price is currently valued at $17 – $20 per share, well below the perceived value of the Twitter IPO. Twitter has also hired some of the oldest and most established banks in the country to handle the IPO. But is this enough to persuade potential investors?

According to Olivia Oran’s recent article published by Reuters,  the Twitter IPO price range is increasing by 25 percent, and with that, the Twitter stock price is experiencing both warnings as well as strong demand.  

Talking about the Twitter IPO, Mad Money’s Jim Cramer stated that he is “deathly afraid of another Facebook deal happening here.” However, Alex Dumortier of The Motley Fool shared, “I think the odds are excellent that Twitter’s stock will post muscular gains once the shares begin trading in the secondary market on Tuesday.” This research was done as part of an assignment for a workshop at SMSS in San Francisco.

As an investor you may ask, “Should I invest in Twitter?” Well, at this point, all signs point to your personal risk aversion as the basis in making that decision.

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