Advocacy group increases awareness on minimum wage with billboards urging voters to ‘Vote Yes’ on Question 2

Working Families United for New Jersey purchases 47 billboard ads to be seen across New Jersey
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(PR NewsChannel) / October 15, 2013 / TRENTON, N.J. 

NJ BillboardsWith November’s general election on the horizon, the advocacy group Working Families United for New Jersey has doubled their efforts to educate voters on the upcoming ballot measure that will raise the minimum wage across the state by reminding them on their daily commutes.

The advocacy group secured 47 billboard advertisement locations across the state, including the key markets of Newark, New Brunswick, Jersey City, Camden and Plainfield, reminding voters to “Vote Yes” on Question 2.

The billboards ask New Jersey residents to “improve the economy” and “raise the minimum wage,” by voting in favor of Question 2 on next month’s general election.

As Patrick Murray said to the Star Ledger on September 23rd, “The minimum wage amendment appears set to pass by a substantial margin; New Jersey voters simply do not accept the business community’s prediction of dire consequences.”

The billboards are also designed to inform voters, who have multiple election days scheduled in upcoming weeks, that November 5 is the day they need to get to the polls for Question 2.  

There are more than 400,000 workers in New Jersey making at or near the minimum wage. Working Families United for New Jersey debuted a new website  that makes the argument that wages for New Jersey’s lowest earners should rise by $1.00 per hour while allowing for an annual cost of living adjustment.

Although polls show voters overwhelmingly support raising the minimum wage in New Jersey, backers of Question 2 have recently increased their efforts to further ensure the measure passes this November.

Last month, the group produced several videos featuring a New Jersey woman’s attempts at living on minimum wage.

(Watch video:

Despite a cost of living that is nearly 30 percent higher than the national average, New Jersey is tied for having the lowest minimum wage rate. The New Jersey legislature voted to raise the minimum wage in 2005; however, proponents of the minimum wage hike say the minimum wage has not kept pace with the cost of living in the state.

Now the issue of raising the minimum wage in New Jersey is up to voters.

The Question 2 ballot measure would raise the state’s minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.25 per hour and allow for cost of living increase adjustment.

For more information on raising the minimum wage in New Jersey, please visit

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SOURCE:  Working Families United for New Jersey

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