Purple Line makes Beverly Hills, BHUSD see red: Wilshire Boulevard to be torn up for upwards of 9 years

Newly released Metro schedule calls for construction during rush hour, nights and holidays
(PR NewsChannel) / September 10, 2013 / BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. 

Beverly Hills Unified School DistrictAs BHUSD and the city of Beverly Hills continue their fight against MTA’s proposed Purple Line Extension, the beleaguered agency has released a tentative schedule that has citizens even further up in arms.

Calling for nine years of construction on heavily used Wilshire Boulevard, Metro’s new construction schedule will have one of the busiest routes in the state ravaged with construction into 2023.

According to the Beverly Hills Courier, to complete construction within the nine-year window, MTA is planning to seek exemptions that will allow construction crews to work during “peak hours,” or rush hours, as well as overnight and on holidays. Without the approval of these exemptions, however, the project would extend well beyond the nine-year window.

“MTA is not only proposing to ruin traffic for the better part of a decade but is also planning to carry out construction doing the most inconvenient times possible,” Lisa Korbatov, Beverly Hills Unified School Board member. “At this point, I’m past the point of being surprised by MTA’s missteps.”

Proposing two different options for each phase of construction, Metro will decide on the final construction schedule after working through the details with city officials.

Perhaps one of the most shocking aspects of the proposed schedule involves the Deck Installation portion of the project. Current estimates call for 54 hours a week of work over a span of 20 weekends. However, during this time, full street closures will be required.

Even with 20 weekends worth of closures proposed, the Beverly Hills Courier reports that MTA has yet to finalize plans for where traffic will be directed during the construction. 

A divisive project from the beginning, the MTA’s Westside Subway Extension Project has long been fought by BHUSD. After the project was approved, the city claims that at least eight studies warned of seismic risks involved with tunneling under the high school.

With the MTA’s scientific basis for routing the line under the school recently debunked by the Beverly Hills School District’s research in conjunction with the California Geological Survey, the MTA refused to acknowledge their mistake. Determined to stick with a plan that will burn through taxpayer’s dollars and unnecessarily cost Los Angeles county and taxpayers upwards of $200 million, the MTA’s decision making processes aren’t making the agency any friends in Beverly Hills.

Continually going against public sentiment, it’s clear that the agency isn’t doing itself any favors in the court of public opinion. However, if recent history is any indication, the MTA might not care.

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