Overshoot Day: Still living beyond our means

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement from Keya Chatterjee, director of renewable energy and footprint outreach, about today’s Global Footprint Network announcement that humanity has exhausted Earth’s resource budget for the year:
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(PR NewsChannel) / August 21, 2013 / WASHINGTON, DC 

wwf“Overshoot Day is a reminder that we are devouring our planet’s future by living far beyond our means. The most important environmental issues of our time – like climate change, disappearing forests, and the loss of species – are driven by the fact that we can’t keep our demand for natural resources in line with the Earth’s supply.

“Our planet’s future is too important to leave up to governments alone. Individuals must fight for it, businesses must care for it, and all of us must reduce our footprint and promote sustainable practices to protect it. Governments need to adopt policies that require those who harm our environment to bear the costs of their damage. Companies need to adapt their business model to sourcing and manufacturing their products responsibly. Through our choices we have an opportunity to bring our consumption back in balance with nature, whether you’re deciding how to power your home, or how to invest your retirement fund.

“We can no longer afford to binge on our planet’s finite resources. We need to start living within our means, balance our ecological checkbook and start living in a way that ensures future generations inherit a planet that is able to keep giving. If not, Overshoot Day will continue to come earlier and earlier every year.”

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SOURCE:  World Wildlife Fund

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