Ohio labor watching Right to Work developments in Missouri: GOP promises to try again as governor vetoes Right to Work bill

Pro-union Ohioans monitor to learn from successes, missteps in Right to Work battle there
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(PR NewsChannel) / July 1, 2013 / ST. LOUIS 

Workplace Freedom OhioMissouri Governor Jay Nixon struck down the latest Republican effort to hammer labor organizations in the ongoing right to work fight. But the battle is far from over as GOP lawmakers say they’ll try again.

Senate Bill 29, otherwise known as “paycheck protection,” would have required public employees to give annual written consent before union dues could be deducted from their paychecks.

“Singling out union dues for these extra processes serves no beneficial purpose,” said Nixon in a statement accompanying the veto. “Rather, the bill places unnecessary burdens on public employees for the purpose of weakening labor organizations.”

Nixon went on to contend that public employees already have numerous voluntary withholdings from their paychecks, such as for 401k and college savings plans, and can opt out of the union dues withholding at will.

Passed by the Republican-dominated state House and Senate, the bill would have also required consent before union dues could be used for political purposes.

The Missouri bill is the most recent of efforts ongoing in several states to restrict or damage labor unions. In Ohio, anti-union, pro-management lawmakers are trying to pass a Right to Work bill commonly referred to as “Workplace Freedom.”

“The ‘paycheck deception’ tactic in Missouri is just another route for Right to Work proponents to further their agenda,” said Stacey Chamberlain, longtime IUOE union member in Ohio. “We, as members of the union and as citizens in Ohio, need to pay attention to what is going on there and here. It’s scary.”

Despite the Missouri bill’s defeat, many are concerned about the consistent attempts to weaken any union’s abilities to protect their workers.

Right to Work efforts in Ohio failed to gain traction during the legislative session that just ended. Still, Ohio union leaders and many members are staying vigilant in the fight to make sure it stays that way.

“While we applaud Gov. Nixon for vetoing this transparent attempt to harm labor organizations,” said Pat Sink, IUOE Local 18’s business manager. “The fact that SB29 came so close to fruition should serve as a wakeup call for us all everywhere—even here in Ohio.”

Opponents of the recent Right to Work bills contend that the initiative’s true purpose is to kill unions and worker protections, ultimately leading to a weaker middle class.

By stripping workers of their rights and freedoms, business owners would be free to lower worker pay, reduce worker benefits and ignore worker rights.

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SOURCE:  Keep Ohio's Heritage

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