Former U.S. Senators Joseph Lieberman and Scott Brown named honorary co-chairs of the new Bipartisan Coalition for American Security (BCAS)

The mission of the nonprofit 501(c)(4) is to protect America’s Security
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Bipartisan Coalition for American SecurityFormer United States Senators Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) and Scott Brown (R-MA) will serve as honorary co-chairs of the Bipartisan Coalition for American Security (BCAS).

BCAS ( was founded earlier this year and dedicated to the proposition that the prosperity, freedom and security of Americans at home depends upon the exercise of strong and principled American leadership abroad. BCAS advocates on behalf of an engaged and proactive U.S. foreign policy and the tools to sustain it, including keeping America’s military the strongest in the world, international spending that protects America’s friends and promotes America’s values, and a bold pro-trade agenda that produces economic growth for all.

“From Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan, American global leadership has been a bipartisan project that has produced an unprecedented expansion in human freedom, security, and prosperity at home in America and throughout the world,” said Senator Lieberman. “Now, however, we increasingly face the danger of a new bipartisan consensus in Washington that favors retrenchment and disengagement from challenges overseas, and that downplays the dangers we face as a nation. I am proud to join BCAS in making the case to the American people why we cannot afford to turn inward at this critical moment in history, and why—now more than ever—American leadership is needed.”

Senator Lieberman represented the State of Connecticut for almost a quarter-century in the United States Senate, including as chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. First elected in 1988, Senator Lieberman built a national reputation as a bipartisan leader who tirelessly worked across party lines to solve problems. After the September 11 attacks, Senator Lieberman was responsible for a series of bills that enacted the most significant national security reforms since the 1940s, including the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the reorganization of the U.S. Intelligence Community. As a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Lieberman was also a strong advocate for the U.S. military and deeply involved in national security issues, including comprehensive Iran sanctions legislation, the Arab Spring, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2000, he was the Democratic Party’s nominee to be Vice President of the United States.

“I have always felt that we need to put our country’s interests first and challenge our leaders to be “Americans First” and not focus on the partisanship and personal political interests over the problems of our country”, said Senator Brown. “I look forward to working with Sen. Lieberman to continue our efforts to bring awareness to the issues of national security, terrorism, bi-partisanship, American values and freedom. I am also looking forward to joining BCAS and taking our case to the American people and its leaders and challenging everyone to do it better. We deserve better.”

Senator Brown has represented the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for over 15 years in many different capacities throughout municipal, state and the federal government. As a United States Senator, Senator Brown was known as a problem solver and the least partisan senator in the United States Senate. A Colonel in the Maryland Army National Guard, serving for over 33 years, Scott still serves and performs his duty in the Pentagon as a Judge Advocate. Senator Brown was a ranking member on Armed Services and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committees and worked tirelessly on military and veteran’s issues. Senator Brown feels that we should be focusing on our debt, deficit, taxes, spending, jobs, national security and energy independence.

The Bipartisan Coalition for American Security will engage in research, education, and advocacy on behalf of a bipartisan internationalist foreign policy.

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About BCAS: A nonprofit 501(c)(4), the mission of the Bipartisan Coalition for American Security is to defend and protect America by supporting America’s broad engagement in the world, democracy and human rights as fundamental tenets of our foreign policy, strong alliances around the globe, and a robust foreign policy and strong national defense.

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