‘Snake and Mongoo$e’ movie drives legendary motor oil CAM2 back into spotlight

CAM2, the oil that kept the winning funny cars running, featured in movie about racing legends Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen--two true life, fun-loving daredevils who figured out how to get corporate America to support a down and dirty sport.
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Snake and Mongoose Movie CAM2

“Snake & Mongoo$e” opens Sept. 6. Photo courtesy: Entertainment Universe/”Snake & Mongoo$e” Movie

When “Snake and Mongoo$e” comes to theaters on September 6, the iconic CAM2 brand is primed to re-enter the public eye prompting Cam2 International to enter into a cross-promotion partnership with the producers of the film.

“Snake and Mongoose” highlights the glory-filled, dangerous, formative years of drag racing in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

“Snake & Mongoose” tells the story of the groundbreaking accomplishments of drivers Don “the Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “the Mongoose” McEwen in the world of drag racing and how the two unlikely figures revolutionized entertainment sports marketing.

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CAM2 was a major sponsor of Don Prudhomme while he was the reigning World NHRA Funny Car Champion for 4 consecutive years and when he set the world Funny Car record in 1980. As a result, the Cam2 logo is prominently featured in the film–on race cars and clothing worn by the star of the film.

“Running CAM2 helped give me the edge I needed to succeed,” says Prudhomme.

“In the 70s and 80s CAM2 motor oil performance was like none other on the track, and today we have succeeded in delivering technologically advanced products that far exceed the historical results of the original product line” says Jack Baker, president of CAM2. “We are committed to producing the highest quality product and will continue to drive innovation and deliver confidence in our products,” says Baker.

The DIY motor oil became synonymous with a regal crew of race car drivers such as Don Prudhomme, Bobby Allison, Rick Mears, Bobby Unser, Mario Andretti and Mark Donahue. As years passed, CAM2 began to focus energy into further developing product technology and manufacturing capabilities, becoming the largest independent bulk distributor in the US with strategic distribution points.

Prudhomme, a seven-time NHRA U.S. Nationals winner and four-time NHRA World Champion, and Tom McEwen, an NHRA U.S. Nationals winner who also held many prestigious titles in other national events, figured out how to set aside their often bitter rivalry on the track to promote the sport. Prudhomme and McEwen raced each other at speeds in excess of 200mph for over 30 years.

Prudhomme and McEwen’s efforts eventually led to an extraordinarily lucrative sponsorship by Mattel’s “Hot Wheel” brand – a partnership that resulted in vaulting the sport of drag racing into the mainstream.

The film stars Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) as “the Snake” and Richard Blake (Dragonball: Evolution) as “the Mongoose” while also featuring Noah Wyle, Tim Blake Nelson, Fred Dryer, John Heard, Ashley Hinshaw, Ian Ziering, Leonardo Nam, Kim Shaw, and Julie Mond.

“It was a truly natural fit for Cam2 and the Snake and Mongoose Movie to work together to promote each other and we could not be more thrilled,” says Robin Broidy, the film’s producer.

At promotional events Cam2 will be displaying the movie poster, running the trailer, and handing out Snake and Mongoose logo stickers. They will also have photos from the film on their website and link to the Snake and Mongoose website.

On the film’s end, the producers will have a link to the Cam2 website on their website and have arranged for the Snake and Mongoose Movie Booth to tour the country for 4 weeks beginning with an appearance at the largest car show in the country – Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada from August 8-11.

In the Movie Booth at the Reno event and the other tour stops planned, the Cam2 t-shirt worn by the star of the film, Jesse Williams who plays Don Prudhomme, will be showcased along with a trailer of the film and a display of bottles of Cam2 Blue Blood Motor Oil. Staffers will also hand out brochures about Cam2 to all who wish to know more about this great product.

Tour dates for the Snake and Mongoose Movie Booth are posted on the movie’s website www.snakeandmongoosemovie.com. Numerous pictures of previous promotional events can be found on the movie’s Facebook page, at www.facebook.com/snakeandmongoose.

For more on “Snake and Mongoose” or to view the trailer, please visit, www.snakeandmongoosemovie.com


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About ‘Snake & Mongoo$e’
Coming September 6, 2013, SNAKE & MONGOOSE, the MOVIE, tells the story of one of the greatest rivalries in sports history, and of the groundbreaking accomplishments of Don ‘the Snake’ Prudhomme and Tom ‘the Mongoose’ McEwen in the world of entertainment sports marketing and sponsorship.

It is the inspiring tale of two revolutionaries whose battles on the track stood in stark contrast to deep and profound friendship they experienced off it. Set in the heyday of drag racing, the Snake & Mongoose Movie brings to life all of the colorful characters and legendary races that defined the times.

About CAM2
Headquartered in Golden, CO, CAM2 has shown a tradition of leadership in automotive lubricants. CAM2 was the first multi-viscosity motor oil to be sanctioned by the USAC for championship racing. CAM2 was the first multi-viscosity oil to win the Indy 500 and has more than 200,000 race proven engine miles. CAM2 markets a complete line of premium quality lubricants under the CAM2 brand at value prices in the US and throughout the world.
CAM2 websites: www.CAM2.com, www.CAM2Racing.com, www.CAM2International.com

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