Healthy travel tips that won’t tip the scale

A road map to building healthy habits while traveling
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(PR NewsChannel) / April 23, 2013 / CHICAGO 
Healthy travel tips

Hotels like the Hard Rock in Chicago offer fitness centers for those who travel and want to maintain healthy habits

Researchers at Columbia University say that if you travel more than two weeks per month you are at risk for weight gain. Healthy business travel is easier than you think. These healthy travel tips and habits from social influencer and healthy TV host Hope Bertram can help:

1. Do your research ahead of time. Learn if your hotel has a fitness center, the added costs and if the hours will accommodate your schedule.

2. Find healthy restaurants nearby. “Oftentimes before I leave for a trip I will Google ‘healthy restaurant’ near the destination I’m going to,” says Bertram.

3. Travel with healthy snacks. Throw a couple healthy items, like peanut butter packets and an apple, in your bag before you leave.

4. Incorporate walking into your agenda. Bertram suggests staying at a hotel within walking distance of the conference you’re attending or requesting a room far away from the elevators.

“I gained 40 pounds being a busy business woman and not paying attention to my health and fitness,” says Bertram. “I have since lost 20 pounds through learning and incorporating healthy habits while traveling.”

Other healthy travel tips can be found KrisCarrTV’s YouTube page:

Healthy travel tips include: packing snacks in proper portions, ensuring where you are staying has a fitness facility, use of an app to track your daily caloric intake and activity and walking instead of taking a taxi. Take your healthy habits with you when you travel. Be sure to try to keep your everyday routine on track by maintaining to your schedule, eating healthy, staying hydrated and getting plenty of rest.

“As you send your employees to attend seminars, it’s important to have wellness at the forefront of their minds by incorporating healthy business travel opportunities.” said Stacy Edelman, vice president of client services at Group Management Services. “Make sure you have policies in place to encourage your employees to make smart and healthy decisions while traveling.” 

This is from an assignment is the product of a workshop at SMSS in Chicago. #SMSSummit
About Us: These healthy tips were given by a group of seasoned business travelers who have logged thousands of miles each year no different than the average traveler. They are written as part of a an assignment from PRNewsChannel’s Glenn Selig to demonstrate social engine optimization in press releases as part of GSMI’s Social Media Strategies Summit.

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