Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Yank Barry reunites with his former band, the legendary Kingsmen

The former rock ‘n roll band lead singer and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Yank Barry joins former band mate for charity event
(PR NewsChannel) / April 15, 2013 / PHOENIX 
Nobel Peace Prize nominee and former Kingsmen lead singer sings "Louie Louie" with Kingsmen drummer Dick Peterson

Nobel Peace Prize nominee and former Kingsmen lead singer sings “Louie Louie” with Kingsmen drummer Dick Peterson

The legendary rock n’ roll band, The Kingsmen, had a mini-reunion when current drummer Dick Peterson teamed up with former lead singer Yank Barry for charity. The two Kingsmen, most famous for their song “Louie Louie,” were together for the Imagine 100 Faces Charity Event created by Kansas City Chiefs Hall-of-Fame Kicker Nick Lowery.

Yank Barry, who left the Kingsmen in 1970, stayed in the music business for over 20 years as a writer, composer, and publisher for various successful artists, before entering the food business with a soy-based meat replacement with his company Vitapro. Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Barry co-founded the nonprofit organization Global Village Champions Foundation with boxing and humanitarian legend Muhammad Ali and has fed over 910 million needy people around the world.

“One of the best times of my life was being lead singer of the Kingsmen,” Yank Barry said of being a part of one of the 1960’s most traveled rock bands. “To be able to combine this life thrill of singing with my passion for helping others, it really does not get any better than this.”

Though it was planned as a one-time appearance together, Barry hopes that their performance together could spark something bigger.

“I have stayed in contact with many of the Kingsmen and would love to be able to reunite again on a larger scale,” Yank Barry added. “Hopefully in the future [Kingsmen guitarist] Mike Mitchell can join us and contribute to some great causes.”

After their performance, Peterson joined Barry’s Global Village Champions Foundation.  The Foundations objective for more than a decade has been to feed the hungry around the world with the goal of achieving a day without hunger.

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