Top threat mitigation experts combine forces to form Threat Deterrence, LLC

New company provides highly versatile, cost-effective and seamless end-to-end threat mitigation strategies that can be easily integrated into any threat environment in the U.S. and abroad
(PR NewsChannel) / March 26, 2013 / WASHINGTON 

Threat DeterrenceWith experience working inside some of the capable threat mitigation agencies in the world—the United States Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Drug Enforcement Administration, National Security Agency, U.S. Joint Special Operation Command and the U.S. Congress—the nation’s leading threat mitigation experts today announced the formation of Threat Deterrence, LLC, a threat mitigation company that brings threat deterrence for companies and governments worldwide to a whole new level.

“Our methodology is unique and designed to consistently enable clients to achieve successful, well-reasoned outcomes,” says Elliott Broidy, chairman of Threat Deterrence, LLC. “We provide clients with the most cutting edge collection of technologies available anywhere.”

Broidy was appointed by Secretary Michael Chertoff and served on the United States Homeland Security Advisory Council from 2005-2009.

With the world facing acute and escalating threats, the country’s foremost experts in threat mitigation formed Threat Deterrence, LLC to provide cutting edge technology and know-how to help private industry and governments mitigate threats.

The way it works: Highly skilled teams of threat mitigation experts conduct a comprehensive threat review. Threat Deterrence performs a gap analysis and then engineers solutions that deter the threat–within weeks, not months.

“Deterrence strategies must be evaluated for their effectiveness in deterring threats at their earliest point of detection,” says Robert C. Riegle, J.D., president of Threat Deterrence. “Technology plays an ever-increasing and more vital role in threat identification and that’s one of the areas where Threat Deterrence excels.”

Riegle is a highly regarded expert in domestic intelligence sharing between federal and state and local governments. Prior to joining Threat Deterrence, Riegle served as the Director of the State and Local Government Program Office within the Office of Intelligence & Analysis in The U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Threat Deterrence understands that it is not technology that prevents putting a holistic threat mitigation practice in place. More often than not, the actual cause is minimal adherences to process and procedures that would otherwise ensure technology is effective when implemented, the company says.

“Nearly every human-caused event had warning signs that if acted upon at the time could possibly have deterred the unfavorable outcome,” says Dr. Amir Hamidi, CEO of Threat Deterrence. Hamidi has been the go-to guy for U.S. federal agencies for consultation and assistance on national security projects. “Though this dynamic is well known and understood by governments or businesses, when they look at prevention versus recovery capabilities, cost is inexorably used as an excuse to avoid permanent, well-reasoned approaches for deterrence.” 

A government’s stability–both politically and economically–can often hinge on whether a government can provide a safe and consistent climate for conducting business. Threat Deterrence looks at all potential market influences including: crime, terrorism, political insurrection, illicit networks and public health. The company works with governments and businesses to deter threats unobtrusively, ensuring the confidence economies need to flourish.

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