Dachshund reveals ancient secret of man and dog relationship

Buster Brown, a dachshund, uncovers the secrets behind the unique relationship between humans and their dogs with the help of author Richard E. Worsham in “Legend of the Dog”
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(PR NewsChannel) / March 26, 2013 / NICEVILLE, Fla.  
"The Legend of the Dog" by Richard Worsham and Buster Brown.

“The Legend of the Dog” by Richard Worsham and Buster Brown.

Dog lover Richard E. Worsham knows that there’s more to his tiny dachshund, Buster Brown, than meets the eye. As it turns out, Buster is on a mission to write a book – one that reveals to man the Legend of the Dog, the secret hidden for ages of why dogs and men form packs and how this has impacted and will impact the destiny of man. Buster helps Worsham chronicle the dog’s adventures as he struggles to understand his destiny in “Legend of the Dog” (ISBN 1452834601).

Even though Worsham has extensive knowledge in the worlds of business and economics, he seeks to rely upon his gifts of understanding the heart of man and animal to co-author “Legend” with Buster Brown.  Buster and Worsham aim to merge fact with myth and mystery during a journey back in time – and to the future – to document how Dog Kind has interacted with Human Kind and how the bond will further affect the world. The duo embarks on this journey so that they can retell the legend to the rest of the canines and humans.

“Out of the all the creatures in the world, we, as humans, have inexplicably formed an unbreakable bond with dogs,” says author Worsham. “Buster’s journey reveals the secrets behind this strong, ancient relationship.”

Worsham and Buster hope that their book “Legend of the Dog” provides clarity and direction for our understanding as it relates to our world. Within the pages of Buster’s journey, Worsham believes that readers will be able to find the key to their lives and, perhaps, to their destiny.

“Legend of the Dog” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Buster Brown, a black and tan dachshund with unique splashes of white, has quite the personality. He and owner Richard Worsham are in a pack with several other humans and dogs. Though Worsham holds degrees in business and economics, his knowledge and love for dogs and human nature is what led to this book. Buster and Richard have been together for more than 10 years.

Richard Worsham and Buster Brown
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