US and Ukraine arm in arm on nuclear nonproliferation and EU integration

Key meeting in Kiev highlights strategic partnership with US

(PR NewsChannel) / March 21, 2013 / KIEV, Ukraine 

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych says he wants to build upon Ukraine’s strong strategic partnership with the United States on nuclear nonproliferation initiatives. It is a relationship he says is crucial to both modernization efforts in Ukraine and EU accession.

Yanukovych met with U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman Wednesday in Kiev, where they discussed how to leverage their history of cooperation on this important issue for further success.

“Ukraine intends to develop further its strategic relations with the United States,” Yanukovych said. “And our cooperation on principal issues based on the Charter on Strategic Partnership is the key to an efficient working partnership.”

This strong relationship between the US and Ukraine has already been successful in removing stockpiles of highly enriched uranium from the country. “We’re now engaged in the introduction of modern technology that will replace highly enriched uranium with low enriched uranium,” he said.

US-Ukraine nuclear nonproliferation

Yanukovych and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft will add to their nations’ records of nonproliferation initiatives when they will soon mark the opening of a Pavlohrad plant designed to dispose of empty ballistic missile casings. “We’re ready to continue our fruitful cooperation in nuclear safety and the non-proliferation of nuclear materials. Such cooperation demonstrates the reliability of Ukrainian-U.S. partnership,” he said.

“This contact between the newly appointed heads of foreign affairs agencies is very important and in our opinion it will provide a new bilateral agenda,” Yanukovych said. “The current agenda is full of preparations and settlement of issues aimed at Ukraine’s integration into the EU. We hope that we will fulfill these difficult tasks and that the Association Agreement, including the creation of a free trade area, with the EU will be signed at a summit in Vilnius this November,” he added.

Yanukovych said he hopes to make strides towards Ukrainian accession into the European Union by building on the initiatives he’s championed since the start of his presidency. Many of the reforms already underway in Ukraine have been developed with the help of U.S. and international experts.

Sherman said the U.S. is a committed partner in taking the necessary steps to modernize Ukraine. “Actually, that’s why I am in Kyiv these days – I talk with Ukrainians, I listen to their thoughts, watch how they see the future of Ukraine. Ukraine is a sovereign state that has a huge economic and human potential. U.S. as a partner and friend of Ukraine hope for its successful future,” Sherman said.

The meeting between Yanukovych and Sherman underscores the importance of the U.S.-Ukraine relationship in reforming and modernizing Ukraine and positioning the nation for accession into the EU.

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