Crowdfunding expert Kendall Almerico explains how equity crowdfunding will completely change business in America

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(PR NewsChannel) / March 20, 2013 / TAMPA, Fla. 

ClickStartMeCrowdfunding expert Kendall Almerico, the CEO of, explains the concept of equity crowdfunding, and how in late 2013 or early 2104, business in America will change forever when online equity crowdfunding becomes a reality. Almerico released his five reasons why equity crowdfunding will turn the business and finance world upside down, and why that is a great thing for the economy.

“Starting a business in this economy is virtually impossible,” Almerico says. “Banks and lending institutions want nothing to do with a startup business.   The only people that can get a loan to start a business are the people who do not need a loan.”

With equity crowdfunding, that will all change, Almerico notes.  When the JOBS Act regulations are put in place in a few months, a new business will be able to create a crowdfunding project on a site like ClickStartMe, and sell small amounts stock in their business to large number of investors online.  That, Almerico says, will turn the banking, investing, and financing worlds upside down.

“Equity crowdfunding online is a game changer,” Almerico points out. “When average people can start investing in new businesses online, you are going to see entire financing industries disappear, much like travel agencies and other business dinosaurs did.”

Here are Almerico’s five reasons why equity crowdfunding will turn the business and finance world upside down:

1.         The Average Joe will be able to help start a new business.  There will no longer be requirements of being an “accredited investor” or minimum buy-ins of $25,000 to get involved in some equity crowdfunding.  “In all likelihood, average people will be able to easily  invest $500 or $1000 online to help start a business they get excited about,” Almerico says. “And get a piece of ownership in return.”

2.         Online investing will be more efficient.  “Do you know how hard it is to even find a startup business to invest in, unless you happen to be wealthy or an angel investor?” Almerico asks. “With equity crowdfunding, you will be able to shop through available business startups online, pick ones you like, and invest immediately.”  The minimizing of paperwork and other red tape, Almerico notes, will make the process easier and more acceptable to the masses.

3.         Diversification becomes easier.  Almerico agrees with most financial advisors that the key to a successful investment strategy involves diversification. With equity crowdfunding, this becomes much easier. “If someone wants to invest $10,000 in startup businesses today, they likely have to dump it all into one place,” Almerico says. “But with equity crowdfunding, that same person could buy pieces of 10 startups with the same investment.” 

4.         Access to owning part of “the next big thing.”  If your dream today is to own a piece of the next big technology development or the newest world-changing gadget, good luck getting involved at the ground floor today.  “When the new rules go into effect, normal people will have the chance to invest in hot tech products they can actually preview in an equity crowdfunding online project,” Almerico says. “Buying $1000 of stock online in the next big thing could lead to a huge return.”

5.         It is time to get back at the very people who caused the financial crisis.  “People hate banks, lenders, and all of those who put this country into the mess we are in,” Almerico says. “With equity crowdfunding, everyone has a chance to bypass those institutions and go straight into investing in new businesses.”  Some analysts even predict the demise of many financial institutions once people can start new businesses by raising fund online.  “I bet the banks will just jack up their ATM fees and other things they charge you to hold your money,” Almerico says. “Until the people finally revolt and say that enough is enough.”

Crowdfunding expert Kendall Almerico is the CEO of, the upstart crowdfunding site that “puts the fun in crowdfunding” and is a JOBS Act expert.  For more information or to schedule an interview with Kendall Almerico, e-mail or call 813.410.4658.

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