New video on YouTube highlights misleading nature of Ohio’s ‘Workplace Freedom’ effort

Video sets out to clarify confusion surrounding 'Workplace Freedom' - the name and meaning of controversial new measure

(PR NewsChannel) / March 19, 2013 / CLEVELAND 
Workplace Freedom video

New video on YouTube set the record straight on the deception behind ‘Workplace Freedom.’

With the battle for the future of Ohio’s middle class in full swing over the so called ‘Workplace Freedom’ movement, opponents of the proposed amendment have released a short film to educate workers across the state.

Paid for and released by Keep Ohio’s Heritage, the video aims to clarify any confusion on this controversial workplace issue. Realizing backers of the amendment are using ambiguous names like ‘Workplace Freedom’ and ‘Right to Work’ to describe itself, the video is intended to show workers across the state how the measure will irreparably harm Ohio, if passed.

“Sometimes they call it ‘Workplace Freedom,’ sometimes they call it ‘Right to Work,’” the host on the video states. “No matter what they call it, they’re trying to fool you.”

The ‘Workplace Freedom’ movement is an attempt to amend Ohio’s constitution which critics say will take away workers’ rights and freedoms and allow business owners to lower worker pay, reduce worker benefits and ignore worker rights.

Advocates of the amendment believe the ‘Workplace Freedom’ initiative’s true purpose is to kill unions and worker protections, leading to a weaker middle class and is similar to movements enacted in communist countries like China.


Critics believe that the advocates of the bill are trying to play to the misinformed, while painting the portraying unions as the heavy handed, stereotypical organizations from our past.

In a day and age where no one is ever forced to join the union, strategists believe the ‘Workplace Freedom’ propaganda is a tactical move by campaigners to distort the facts because the union provides great benefits--i.e. if you can’t win on the facts, lie about the truth.

Coming in under two minutes, the video was designed to be concise and informative, while bringing much needed attention to the issue. Studies have shown that states where similar measures have passed have the highest unemployment rates in the country. These types of laws have been proven to drive wages down at an average of nearly 14%.

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SOURCE:  Keep Ohio's Heritage (KOH)

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