Study: Green tea, aka ‘Miracle herb,’ may also cut breast cancer risk

Researchers find regular consumption of green tea may lead to lower levels of cancer causing oestrone in women
(PR NewsChannel) / March 5, 2013 / WEST BABYLON, N.Y. 

Delta LabsGreen tea has often been referred to as the “miracle herb” due to its ability to ward off numerous ailments.

Now, the superfood that can assist in the fight against heart disease and help curb weight gain may have taken down another prominent health concern for women, breast cancer.

A new study from the National Cancer Institute has found that regularly consuming green tea can lead to a reduced risk of developing breast cancer.

Published in “Nutrition Journal,” the study, led by Dr. Barbara Fuhrman of the National Cancer Institute at the United States Institutes of Health, followed approximately two hundred pre and postmenopausal women to assess the effects of green tea on oestrogen metabolism.

Long known to be a causal factor in the development of breast cancer, oestrogen metabolites were found to be significantly reduced by the daily consumption of green tea in test subjects.

Researchers suggest that the polyphenols found in green tea could influence the enzymes that metabolize these oestrogens. With the lowered levels of urinary oestrone found in green tea consumers, researchers conclude that the polyphenols found in green tea are what ultimately lead to a lowered breast cancer risk.

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