Crowdfunding expert Kendall Almerico explains five things every good crowdfunding video should do

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(PR NewsChannel) / March 5, 2013 / TAMPA, Fla. 

ClickStartMeCrowdfunding expert Kendall Almerico, the CEO of, released his list of five things every good crowdfunding video should do to maximize the chances of success.  Almerico speaks not only from his experience operating the hottest new crowdfunding site on the Internet, but also from his background as a television and radio producer and host.

“A good video is a necessity, if you want a successful crowdfunding project.” Almerico says. “Fifty percent of crowdfunding projects with a video are successful. Conversely, only 30 percent of those without a video succeed.”

Almerico says there are five things that make or break a crowdfunding video. “Your video doesn’t have to be a Spielberg epic to be a good crowdfunding video,” Almerico notes. “But it needs to follow five simple rules to give you the best chance of success.”

1.         Good video and audio quality make a difference.  You can shoot a good quality crowdfunding video on your iPhone or with a camcorder.  But make sure you the lighting is good and your voice can be heard.  Recording your video in a well-lit room or outdoors makes the lighting part easier.  The sound is another issue. If you are using your phone to record the audio portions, speak loudly, clearly and not too close to the phone, or too far away from it. Listen to a sample. If it sounds too hollow or if every time you say a word that starts with a P the sound “pops,” you should do it over. Also, beware of echoes. If you are outdoors, this is usually not a problem. But recording indoors in a room with wood or tile floors is asking for trouble.  By trial and error, you can usually find a room that works.

2.         Plan your video. Unless you are a trained public speaker or an actor, just turning on the camera and talking without a plan is a recipe for disaster.  You will turn off your audience, and you will never win them back.
Write a script, and try to stick to it.  When you write your script, think about how a journalist tells a story. You want to give the “who, what, when, where and why.”  In addition, you absolutely must:

            a.         Tell your story.
            b.         Talk about your rewards.
            c.          Give people a reason to get excited.
            d.         End with “the ask” and a thank you.

“The ask” is the portion of every crowdfunding video should end where you ask for donations.

3.         Only talk about two or three rewards, not all of them. People do not want to hear you drone on and on about every reward you are offering. Highlight some of your best rewards. Pick one from the low end, one from the middle range, and one high-end reward and discuss them. Remind the viewer that there are other rewards they can see by reading your project.
Most importantly, get excited to pitch your rewards.  If you are pumped up about a reward, it will show, and the viewer will also get excited about it.

4.         Add update videos as your project continues. People should update their crowdfunding project constantly, adding rewards and trumpeting their successes.  You should consider posting additional videos when these things happen.  Not only do videos get you more interest for your crowdfunding project, but they get lots of additional plays on Facebook and social media when they are posted. An update video is particularly effective down the home stretch, when you are trying to get everyone excited again to fully fund your project as the end approaches.

5.         Keep it short and simple, but end with a bang!  Your video should be no longer than 3 minutes unless you absolutely have no choice.  The last 10-15 seconds should be “the ask” where you request donations and ask for help spreading the word.  This should be clear, carefully worded, and create a sense of urgency and action. You have to tell people what to do, and cannot leave it up to them to figure it out on their own.  Check out these examples:

Bad Ending:  “Thank you for watching my video and for your attention.”

Good ending: “We only have 30 days to raise $10,000 and we need your help, now!  Donate today and, just as important, spread the word by sharing our project with everyone you know.  Thank you for helping to make our dream, a reality.”

Crowdfunding expert Kendall Almerico is the CEO of, the upstart crowdfunding site that “puts the fun in crowdfunding” and is a JOBS Act expert.  For more information or to schedule an interview with Kendall Almerico, e-mail or call (813) 410-4658.

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