Facial plastic surgeon: Vampire facelift doesn’t survive daylight

The latest cosmetic surgery trend makes an appearance at the Academy Awards as part of ‘swag’ offered as prizes to stars attending
(PR NewsChannel) / February 25, 2013 / TAMPA, Fla. 

oscarsVampires have already infected Hollywood’s large and small screen, but now it seems that the stars of Tinseltown are getting into looking like vampires.

But a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon says this latest cosmetic must-have surgery deserves nothing more than a stake to the heart.

“Trends will come and go, and this is one of them that will not survive exposure to daylight,” said Dr. Rich Castellano, facial plastic surgeon and founder of the Tampa practice ImageLift.  “In it’s current phase, it is experimental and temporary at best.  The name is a great gimmick, though there are much better solutions to help people look younger and give volume to their face.

The procedure is technically known as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy and isn’t new technology. PRP has been used in orthopedic surgery for years, but is now steadily gaining in popularity amongst plastic surgeons.

The vampire facelift is anything but a true facelift though, as there is no surgical cutting required. The procedure takes blood from the patient, scientifically enhances it by adding extra platelets, and then re-injects the blood back into the patient’s face to help rejuvenate skin and reduce wrinkles.

The popularity has never been higher as complimentary procedures were even part of the prizes offered at last night’s Academy Awards.

Numerous stars, including Kim Kardashian, have already been reported to have received the vampire facelift.

Yet despite the apparent natural alternative to Botox, many doctors, including Castellano, say it’s limited in its long-term effectiveness, and there are much better long-term fillers to choose from.

And with a price tag ranging from $900 to $1500 a session, this treatment doesn’t come cheap.

“Research is still pending on the effectiveness and longevity of this treatment.  When it comes down to it, do you want your family or friends doing what is trendy or what actually works?  If it works so well, where are the numerous before and after pictures showing real, long-term results?” questions the Tampa facial plastic surgeon.

Castellano credits the recent success of vampire related television shows and movies, including the “Twilight” series and “True Blood,” as the main reason for the rapid rise in popularity and cautions those who get caught up in trendy procedures.

“I’d recommend the Gangnam Style facelift over the Vampire Facelift,” said Castellano. “It has more YouTube hits so it must be better.”

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