‘Fuzzy math’ accusations continue to dog L.A. mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel

Critics say her recommendations of where to cut from the budget don't add up

(PR NewsChannel) / February 18, 2013 / LOS ANGELES 

Wendy Greuel for mayor

Wendy Greuel is running for mayor of Los Angeles. Photo courtesy: wendygreuel.org

It’s bad enough for Wendy Greuel to be accused of using “fuzzy math” while running for mayor of Los Angeles.

It’s even worse since Wendy Greuel is the current Controller of Los Angeles and numbers should be her strength.

But for Greuel, finance and accounting have, at this time, become her achilles heal, according to her detractors.

Her office claims to have found $160 million in waste and fraud that apparenly could help Los Angeles balance its budget which currently tilts heavily in the red.

“It’s now abundantly clear that the figure of $160 million of so-called fraud, waste and abuse that is the centerpiece of Controller Greuel’s record and her campaign for mayor simply doesn’t exist,” City Councilman Eric Garcetti said in a recent news conference.

Garcetti is Wendy Greuel’s chief rival for the top job in Los Angeles.

Here’s how the Los Angeles Times analyzed the dueling numbers:

“…most of the $160 million total cited by Greuel relied on two audits, one criticizing what amounted to an accounting maneuver and the other linked to a large projection for new revenue that the controller’s office itself said was unrealistic from the start.

“In one audit, Greuel suggested shifting about $25 million from City Council members’ discretionary accounts to the city’s general fund. That 2010 review did not identify missing or uncollected funds. But Greuel said the money could be put to better use for police, firefighters and other expenses, rather than in the council accounts, where the money has been used for graffiti removal, building pocket parks and, occasionally, to pay the staff of council members.

“The other audit claimed to have uncovered about $80 million in unrealized funds for the city treasury. That money was supposed to come via a contract with CBS/Decaux, a company that constructs street bus shelters, public restrooms, kiosks and other structures and sells advertising on them.”

Hardly a ringing endorsement of Greuel’s arithmetic.

Of Greuel’s math, Garcetti said to LA Weekly: “I want unicorns and I want rainbows too, but you can’t budget on them. It’s important for us to make sure we have hard numbers to make hard choices.”

Then there’s Kevin James, the only Republican of the bunch running for president–if you don’t count Greuel who used to be a Republican and has supported Republican candidates. James agrees that the city is the verge of financial ruin but says Greuel is a big reason why: she’s a fixture in government  and part of the problem.

“She’s already had 12 years to clean it up. She didn’t clean it up,” James told LA Weekly.

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SOURCE:  Concerned Citizens for Los Angeles

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