Delta Labs getting ‘to the heart of the matter’ during American Heart Health month

Resveratrol Extra Strength Red Wine Extract supports heart health and provides a rejuvenating blend of antioxidants that diminishes the signs of aging

(PR NewsChannel) / February 12, 2013 / WEST BABYLON, N.Y. 

Delta LabsEvery year, approximately 715,000 Americans experience a heart attack, and nearly 600,000 people die from heart disease — one out of every four deaths. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.

In honor of February being American Heart Health Month, Delta Labs wants to ensure women everywhere are provided the tools necessary for a healthy heart. Everyone knows that the two best ingredients for a healthy heart are diet and exercise – but what else can be done to help prevent heart disease?

Delta Labs’ is providing customers with a fifty percent discount off of their Resveratrol Extra Strength Red Wine Extract cardiovascular supplement throughout the month of February.

For several years the medical community has been advocating red wine to support heart health. Specifically, a special polyphenol, known as Resveratrol, is found in the skin of red grapes.  Recent studies have shown that Resveratrol is rich in antioxidants and helps promote heart health by slowing down the aging process and keep all of your cells, inside and out, looking young and healthy.

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With the equivalent of one hundred glasses of wine in two small capsules, Delta Labs’ Resveratrol Extra Strength Red Wine Extract provides the amazing cardiovascular and heart-healthy benefits that would only be achieved through consuming large amounts of wine. Delta Labs’ formula ensures maximum benefits while being completely safe to consume on a daily basis.

“To celebrate American Heart Health Month, Delta Labs wanted to help our customers improve their cardiovascular health,” said Debbie Morgan, President of Delta Labs. “Our Resveratrol formula provides amazing cardiovascular and heart-healthy benefits and we want to provide the absolute best for our customers.”

Delta Labs’ Resveratrol formula is comprised of three sources of high potency and heart healthy antioxidants that utilize one of nature’s most potent polyphenols to promote advanced skin protection at the cellular level. Employing pure Resveratrol root, the finest grape seed extract, and pure red wine extract, the formula helps challenge visible signs of aging while also providing proven cardiovascular benefits.

Customers can enter the coupon code “Heart” at checkout to receive the discount as they take a step closer to support their cardiovascular health.

For more information on Delta Labs or Resveratrol Extra Strength Red Wine Extract, visit or visit the Delta Labs’ YouTube page.

About Delta Labs: Delta Labs’ mission is to develop the highest quality, most affordable and comprehensive line of women’s health and wellness formulas founded on scientific research. By partnering with some of the nation’s leading scientific minds, nutritionists, and world renowned physicians, Delta Labs is able to help women lead more invigorating and fulfilling lifestyles. They also believe that the quality of ingredients a woman ingests is one of the most important choices she can make. This is why the entire Delta Labs product line is manufactured under strict cGMP guidelines established by the FDA, guaranteeing women the safest, highest quality and most effective all natural ingredients around.

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