New travel destination website offers travelers cultural, literary insight to destination getaways provides travelers with related media including blog posts, books and movies all in one place that will give accurate and detailed insight to cruise destinations around the world

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OverGorge founder and author Paul Allen bungee jumps at the Shotover River near Queenstown, New Zealand, one of the many places highlighted by the travel destination website.

Author and world traveler Paul Allen believes the more you take in before you depart on a trip, the deeper your appreciation will be when you finally arrive. His new travel destination website will allow travelers to fully immerse themselves in the culture of their soon-to-be destination before they’ve even left their home. complements popular guidebooks and travel blogs with a big-picture perspective of the themes that are most important to understanding a destination.

While the guidebooks describe the nuts and bolts of visiting most of the countries around the world, and travel bloggers report their immediate impressions while traveling to exotic locations,  offers cultural travelers a literary insight into the history and philosophy of the region.

Each travel destination will include posts with suggested book, music and movie titles that interested travelers can explore at their own leisure.

But the travel destination website is more than just a reading list.

“The articles will tell you why you should read ‘Secrets of the Great Pyramid’ if you are visiting Egypt, or why Kissinger’s ‘On China’ is a must-read if you are going to Beijing,” said founder Paul Allen. They are intended to be light, engaging reads for travelers interested in delving more deeply into a specific destination or topic, with suggested reading that supports all major themes.”

Organized in sections that highlight the major sightseeing cruise areas of the world, has a wealth of historical and cultural backgrounds for travelers as they prepare for their next vacation.  The travel website presents articles for all major cruise itinerary groups, including Alaska, Australia and New Zealand, the Baltics, China, Japan, the Mediterranean and the Holy Lands just to name a few.

Globetrotters will also appreciate the river cruise section for travelers of China, Egypt, Russia, and the Mekong region. In addition, South American and European river cruising articles will be included on the site later this year.

Readers can search countless sources and are able to click right through to Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) for a quick purchase.


The travel destination website goes into greater details than most travel websites when it discusses must-see sights such as Mt McKinley at Denali National Park in Alaska.

“When you research and present a destination from a regional perspective, you have different insights to write about,” said Allen. “Who knew that the first Russian dynasty was really Swedish Vikings? You get to see themes and patterns explained by awesome natural forces like plate tectonics and Ice Ages, as well as human influences like migrations, religion and wars.”

While the travel destination website won’t help with a sun tan, it will help voyagers start their travel experience in their favorite reading spot at home. Having a much better understanding of the fascinating places on a wish list will allow vacationers to fully engage themselves in the wonders of their travels when they arrive.

The travel destination website encourages visitors to interact with each other by inviting participation on the site’s Facebook page with the inclusion of their travel stories, feedback and recommended readings for others.

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About is a website, blog, and social resource for cultural travelers. The short articles offer information on the significant historical and cultural themes of each major destination with recommended books, music, and movies for interested travelers with a goal of enriching the experiences of the trips they take.

About founder and author, Paul Allen: Cultural travel is the best entertainment on the planet for Paul Allen. In his view, great travel experiences come from understanding destinations, not just checking them off your list. He was fortunate to travel the U.S. and Europe as a kid and to live in Paris and the Middle East early in his career. He has just wrapped up a stint in the cruise industry that spanned three decades working for Holland America Line, a brand of the Carnival Corporation & PLC (NYSE: CCL). Moving from finance to reservations to planning to marketing to sales, Allen has studied and communicated with every major cruise destination in the world, visiting many of them, as well. He started because he strongly believes that each trip begins with the first dream to go. The more you take in before you depart, the deeper your appreciation will be when you finally arrive.

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