Sloppy or heartless, either way L.A. mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel combines plea to help sick boy with request for campaign cash

L.A. Controller in tight race to replace Antonio Villaraigosa as mayor of Los Angeles.

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Wendy Greuel for mayor

Wendy Greuel is running for mayor of Los Angeles. Photo courtesy:

Los Angeles mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel opponents are pouncing on what some describe as a “sick move” and a “new low” even in the dog-eat-dog world that is L.A. politics.

So did Wendy Greuel step in it?

Controller Wendy Greuel sent an email to thousands of supporters to plead for their help in saving a boy’s life. But in that same email, she asked for a campaign contribution.

“A dear friend of mine has a son, Matthew, with a rare, life-threatening condition – aplastic anemia,” Wendy Greuel writes in the email. “Because of this illness, he has needed many blood transfusions over the last three years.”

Wendy Greuel asks the email recipients to donate blood.

But then, on the bottom of the email, are buttons asking for donations or to support her campaign for Los Angeles mayor in other ways.

“This is a sick move to combine the plea to save a life with an attempt to raise campaign cash,” says a source close to the situation. ”This is a new low even for politics.”

From Los Cerritos News. Click on photo to enlarge.

“This just goes to her character,” Los Cerritos Community News (LCCN) publisher Brian Hews told his newspaper, “while the beginning of the email was noble and certainly worth noting, the end was disturbing and something I felt our readers should know about.”

The newspaper published the Wendy Greuel email in its entirety.

The email was apparently written on what is normally a political email “template.” In politics, email templates are used to easily create, edit or import images and text to supporters through an email marketing service provider.

“If it wasn’t heartless then it was sloppy,” says someone close to the campaign who did not want to be identified. ”Do I really want someone who is that careless to be running my city?”

 The outrage over the Wendy Greuel email has spilled onto Facebook.

“I’ve been several mayoral debates over the last few months and whenever Wendy Greuel realizes she’s sorely lacking in the policy/accomplishment dept. and wants to divert the audience away from her wishy-washy record, she simply plays the “Motherhood” card,” writes Wally Wharton on Facebook. “It’s despicable. And if I was that poor kid in the hosp., I’d REFUSE her tainted, corrupted blood.”

Whoever takes over from Antonio Villaraigosa will face budget shortfalls of more than $1.1 billion over the next four years.

The election is in March. 

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SOURCE:  Concerned Citizens for Los Angeles

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