Bad omen? L.A. mayor candidate Eric Garcetti fails to win Democratic Party endorsement, despite courting

Race for L.A. mayor intensifies as March election nears

(PR NewsChannel) / January 9, 2013 / LOS ANGELES 
(c) All rights reserved by Garcetti for Mayor 2013
(c) All rights reserved by Garcetti for Mayor 2013

Despite weeks of major donkey kissing, Los Angeles mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti failed to walk away with the prize endorsement of the L.A. Democratic Party.

Eric Garcetti, currently a Los Angeles City Councilman, led the balloting on the first with 44%, but needed 60%. On the second round, little changed and he peaked at 44%.

Unlike horseshoes, in this game getting close doesn’t matter. You win it or lose it. But that didn’t stop Garcetti from giving a PR spin a whirl.

“I look at it as a victory,” Garcetti told the Los Angeles Times. “I’m glad we finished first.”

Los Angeles Controller Wendy Greuel took the second spot. And her people trounced on Garcetti saying the endorsement was his to lose.

“He’s the self-proclaimed rising star of the Democratic Party, actively organizing, hiring people to work the Democratic party [groups] …. For him not to get this is a serious setback for his campaign,” John Shallman, a consultant to Garcetti told the Los Angeles Times.

Greuel recently accused Garcetti of being “asleep” while millions of dollars were being wasted during his tenure as council president.

Los Angeles is facing a $222 million budget deficit.

In a race that involves five candidates vying to replace term-limited Antonio Villaraigosa, Garcetti in recent weeks has postured and pivoted so many times he might be suffering from some whiplash.  

In Northridge he introduced himself in Hindi.

He wore a Peruvian headpiece and spoke Spanish with immigrants at another event.

And at a menorah lighting he put on a yarmulke, a Jewish head covering.

“He’s kissing as much you-know-what because he’s trying to appeal to every ethnic group and that’s what you have to do to get elected,” says an insider close to Eric Garcetti who did not want to be identified.

Though the Democratic Party did not endorse in the race for L.A. mayor, the party backed Mike Feuer for city attorney and Ron Galperin for controller.

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SOURCE:  Concerned Citizens for Los Angeles

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