Firearm industry professional shares details of designing America’s shotguns, rifles, cartridges

“Sporting Firearms: A Designer’s Notebook” by Richard Florer is an informative read for hunters and competition shooters who want to learn more about the tools and techniques that will help to improve their success
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Sporting Firearms

"Sporting Firearms" by Richard Florer

For many, sporting firearms are tools used for hunting, target shooting and competition during their leisure time. But for Richard Florer, they have been a way of life. In “Sporting Firearms: A Designer’s Notebook” (ISBN 147828160X), the knowledgeable gunsmith and firearm industry executive explains the design process to interested readers.

In addition to serving as a chief engineer for a leading rifle and shotgun manufacturer, he also has worked as a contract sporting firearms designer. Florer works as a gunsmith in his spare time. He learned the ins-and-outs of designing firearms while creating custom shotguns and rifles for himself, family and friends. Knowing that most people want to be more successful in their shooting activities, he wanted to share his knowledge, experiences and expertise with other firearm enthusiasts.

“Sporting Firearms” covers everything from hunting knives to rifle actions to cartridges and bullets as Florer explains the design process used to create a variety of firearms and hunting tools. Drawing on his own experiences as a military veteran, hunter, gunsmith and firearm industry professional, he explains the most important details and answers some of the most common questions, like how rifle owners can use unusually sized cartridges and how revolver owners can develop high-velocity cartridges.

“I’ve been designing firearms for 50 years,” says Florer. “I have included several designs and techniques that have been used successfully by me and friends, but have never been publicized.  The intent is to provide knowledge any shooter can apply to increase his or her enjoyment and success when using sporting firearms.”

“Sporting Firearms: A Designer’s Notebook” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Richard Florer was previously the chief engineer of a world-famous rifle and shotgun manufacturer. Therefore, he has developed a very intricate insight into the wholesale and retail sporting firearms industry. Florer has worked as a gunsmith on the side, which allowed him to create one-of-a-kind firearms while further developing his talents in firearm design.

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