Social music network connecting musicians, music professionals, fans launches this week

Artists, agents, managers, producers and promoters come together on AAMPP™, a new, easy-to-use platform where creative professionals can share with fans what they love most: music.
(PR NewsChannel) / December 27, 2012 / HOLLYWOOD, Fla.  

AAMPP (pronounced “amp”) is a new social music network focused around giving up-and-coming artists, musicians, producers and other music professionals the ability to share their creations with the world.

While other social networks are generic in nature and focus on things besides music, AAMPP provides a superior user experience for sharing music, inspiration and feedback. No one makes it easier to communicate, collaborate and create the next big thing.

Social networks are at the forefront of tools we use every day to help us improve our lives. They are a revolution in communication much like the cell phone was. Anyone can get a Twitter account and publish any type of content, as long as its 140 characters or less. LinkedIn has effectively transformed the business landscape, providing a level playing field for even the smallest player to succeed. Social music network AAMPP is positioned to disrupt the music industry in much the same way, by providing a level playing field for promoting and discovering new music and people in the industry like never before.

When CEO Garth Soshahi met now president of AAMPP O’Neil Anderson in 2006, the two shared a unique vision: create a platform for musicians and music professionals that assist with navigating new social realities and at the same time, foster community, excitement and participation in their respective fan bases.

“In today’s socially-driven society, having to manage multiple web profiles on the side is not the best use of a creative professional’s time,” say founders Soshahi and Anderson. “AAMPP will change that forever.”

On AAMPP, artists can upload their music, photos and a biography on their profile page. AAMPP’s profiles replace the notion of electronic press kits (EPK). Profiles on the social music network can be viewed and shared by anyone. Music fans can expect a more personal experience by following their favorite artists and directly communicating with them. Fans can also share music and favorite videos for others to see.

AAMPP says it has an aggressive feature rollout schedule for the future. While the site is tailored around communication and collaboration, plans are in motion that will allow music professionals the ability to market, distribute, promote and sell their content in a variety of new ways directly to their fans.

AAMPP will launch Friday, December 28, 2012, and it is free to sign up.

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