Visual guide to real story of Jesus separates fact from fiction

Author D.C. Smith explains early Christianity and the myths surrounding Christ with short, illustrated chapters every reader can comprehend

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Jesus the Jew No One Knows

"Jesus the Jew No One Knows" by D.C. Smith

In “Jesus the Jew No One Knows” (ISBN 0615516335), D.C. Smith presents the Torah-observant teacher and his messianic movement in a lively, straightforward manner, using classical artwork and concise explanations to show what actually happened when Christianity took root in Roman-occupied Judea.

In a carefully drawn out series of historical segments, the writer peels back 2,000 years of revisionist history to reveal the many myths and distortions that arose over the life, death and disappearance of this most remarkable man. For instance, Smith makes plain that Jesus’ real name, as pronounced in Aramaic, was Joshua. He tells us about Christ’s birthplace, his mother, father and brothers while illuminating a peasant existence exalted and overdramatized. He effectively describes what circumstances must have been like for a teenage boy growing up in rural Nazareth, noting what race, tribe and lineage he would have belonged to, while explaining the political meaning behind his parables and the baffling behavior of his closest disciples.

The book also considers the narcissistic emperors and kings who reigned during those days and lays out the new messiah’s religious calling as well as so-called “biographers” who claimed to have witnessed what was going on. In the final part of “Jesus the Jew No One Knows,” Smith discusses the Galilean’s hideouts, his last supper, his betrayer, the Roman judge who sentenced him, and his eventual crucifixion, all of which are followed by various theories and doctrines regarding his resurrection and second coming.

Replete with biblical timelines and a comprehensive glossary, “Jesus the Jew No One Knows” is a visual journey into the day-to-day life of Jesus Christ, mankind’s most misunderstood human being. It shows how the truth about him was either covered up or forgotten and how ancient fabrications were passed down over the centuries by Greek-speaking ghost writers with suspect agendas. The book strips away layers of lies to reveal the man’s true identity, while demonstrating how foreign followers successfully reshaped his looks, his mission and his message.

“Jesus the Jew No One Knows” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: D.C. Smith is a former college professor who has lectured on religious history, philosophy and literature. He served in the Peace Corps and has been a longtime organizer and political activist for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Currently he works with Blossoming Rose to promote tours of the Holy Land and to support archeological digs in Israel. He is a member of the Biblical Archeological Society, the Society of Biblical Literature, and serves on the Board of Anthropological Studies at Biblical Tamar Park near the Dead Sea.

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