New romance novel explores forbidden love in dark world of demons

Author Sonia Branchaud provides a new twist on popular supernatural romance novels in “Waiting at the Crossroads: Book Two of the Love is Hell Series”

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Waiting at the Crossroads

"Waiting at the Crossroads" by Sonia Branchaud

In Sonia Branchaud’s new novel, “Waiting at the Crossroads: Book Two of the Love is Hell Series” (ISBN 1477643605), she explores the dynamic relationship between a young graduate student and a Beyowan, a descendant of Heaven’s first Fallen Angels.

After Emilie Latour moves back to her hometown of Montreal, she falls in love with Dante Ashton, a Beyowan. Technically a demon, Dante leads a life of luxury, promiscuity and danger, but he is not allowed to take a human wife. Emilie soon discovers that she must make a difficult decision: accept that both she and Dante will have to sell their souls for a life together or walk away from the man she loves.

Branchaud was motivated to write the series because she wanted to feature a new kind of creature as a lead character. Although a self-proclaimed vampire fan, Branchaud used her background in sociology and anthropology to create a new species that readers can relate to. “Waiting at the Crossroads” includes not only beings with amazing abilities but also a complex society with strict rules and harsh punishments.

“When writing this book, I was inspired by my love of the paranormal genre. I’ve spent my life reading books and watching all sorts of television series and movies that deal with the supernatural,” says Branchaud. “I wanted to create a paranormal world of my own. I tried to incorporate many important issues that add credibility and depth to Beyowans as a species.”

After reading her paranormal romance, Branchaud hopes readers will walk away with the lesson that true love is wonderful and passionate but still requires cooperation and compromise.

“Waiting at the Crossroads: Book Two of the Love is Hell Series” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Sonia Branchaud received a bachelor’s degree in sociology from McGill University in Montreal. A fan of everything vampire-themed, from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to “True Blood,” she creates a comprehensive fantasy world for her characters using both her love of sociology and her vivid imagination. She also enjoys Japanese anime based on the supernatural, such as “Vampire Knight” and “Darker than Black.” When not writing, Branchaud works as a marketing assistant in Montreal, where she lives with her husband and two sons.

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