Second installment in trilogy follows rock star on quest to save sacred site

“Song Catcher” by Graham McDonald touches on the controversial topics of land conservation and development and how they affect culture

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Song Catcher

"Song Catcher" by Graham McDonald

Once a gold prospector in the West Australian goldfields over three decades ago, Graham McDonald’s meeting with an Aboriginal elder would inspire his spiritual series, of which “Song Catcher” (ISBN 1477595880) is the second installment. Written for those who enjoy mystery, native cultures and the natural world, this trilogy highlights the loss of country and how it affects culture.                                            

“Song Catcher” picks up with Grace singing in a North Dakota bar where she experiences a vision after a power surge through her microphone.  She is the only one singing, yet she hears a unique melody and a man singing a Lakota ancestor’s song. This combination is soon turned into a great rock ‘n roll number by Grace and her band, inspiring the creation of a powerful rock album incorporating the songs of her ancestor, Eyes That Cut. But before it can be released, she must get approval from her grandfather to use the Lakota songs.

Grace returns to her home on Pine Ridge, where she learns of the desecration of Eyes That Cut’s spiritual resting place by the development of a golf course. Enraged, she decides to use the music’s massive popularity to try to stop the development. The owners of the construction company, however, have a darker agenda and their response to her challenge will be savage, leaving the fate of Grace and those dearest to her hanging in the balance.

The second installment in McDonald’s trilogy, “Song Catcher” uses the power of music to interconnect its supernatural, spiritual and human conflict themes, creating a thrilling, suspenseful novel for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

“….engaging novel. Full of adventure… a worthwhile tale,” says Kirkus Reviews.  ”The book, via the band members’ stories, educates readers about Lakota culture, music production and, ultimately, the power of art to unite.”

“Song Catcher” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: At the age of 15, Graham McDonald left school to begin what he calls his “real education,” traveling and working in various occupations. He continued this lifestyle till he was in his 50s, when he began writing. Drawing on experiences he had as a gold prospector in Western Australia, he decided to write a trilogy of mystery novels about native people’s loss of country and how it affects culture. McDonald currently lives with his wife, Coral, in a small town on the southern coast of Western Australia. He spends his time away from writing finishing up a house they have built and occasionally escaping in their vintage VW Kombi to camp out in the wilderness regions of his country.

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