Former baseball player, coach offers tips to becoming better player

Al Figone shares knowledge gained during his 60 years as a player and coach in “See More and Talk Less” to reveal the physical and mental fundamentals that make great athletes

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See More and Talk Less: Teaching and Applying The Mental Aspects Of Baseball

"See More and Talk Less: Teaching and Applying The Mental Aspects Of Baseball" by Al Figone

In “See More And Talk Less: Teaching and Applying The Mental Aspects of Baseball: A Handbook for Players, Coaches and Parents.” (ISBN 1467936944), Al Figone reveals the fundamental thought processes that allow baseball players to rise to the top of their games. He lays out a simple but necessary system that allows athletes to play at a consistently high level, from pitch to pitch.

Figone has six decades of experience as a coach, player and all-around student of America’s pastime. Ultimately, he reveals that a player’s mental game is every bit as important as his or her physical game. He explains how to clear the minds of distractive, tension-producing thoughts that often follow on the heels of each pitch. He shows how such worries can only negatively affect the execution and encourages the athlete to direct his or her attention to the next pitch to avoid worrisome thoughts about unknown future outcomes or the distraction of fixating upon a past result. 

“See More and Talk Less” will be appreciated by teenaged players and older. Softball players can also apply selected aspects of the book to their games. Figone explains the importance of combining thought processes with physical performance and discusses the mental skills necessary to triumph at batting, base running and stealing, catching, pitching and performing well-executed infield and outfield plays. In short, this book is a practical application of what famed New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra once said: “Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical.”

Comprehensive with an eye to the psychological game as much as the physical one, “See More And Talk Less” should be carried in the duffel bags of every aspiring baseball player who wants to take his or her game and career to the next level.

“See More And Talk Less: Teaching and Applying The Mental Aspects of Baseball.: A Handbook for Players, Coaches and Parents” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: For over 60 years, Al Figone has been involved in baseball as a player, coach and insightful student of the game. He earned his doctorate in applied sport psychology from the University of Utah in 1976. He has also served as a professor of kinesiology for over 40 years. Over his career, he has aided countless players, coaches and parents reach their goals of bettering their baseball-playing abilities. Ultimately, he wants to show others how small behavioral changes can yield huge performance gains.

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