Iran-native paints portrait of life during Iraq-Iran war

“Goodbye Iran” by Hossein Tirgan features the real-life story of a high school graduate and two medical school students as war threatens to destroy their futures

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Goodbye Iran

"Goodbye Iran" by M. Hossein Tirgan

A native of Tehran, Hossein Tirgan lived through the late 1970s revolution and the Iran-Iraq war. In “Goodbye Iran” (ISBN 0985655305), Tirgan retells the true story of two young men and a young woman whose bright futures face being extinguished forever thanks to a government-imposed draft at the peak of the war between Iran and Iraq.

Hamid is a high school graduate who, like many others who are unwilling to serve in the military, wants nothing to do with the war. Meanwhile, Hossein is another young man who, like Hamid, has the weight of the military draft pressing heavily upon him. Graduating from medical school in the near future, Hossein and Afsaneh must find a way to escape Iran and the ongoing war while continuing their academic endeavors. 

In “Goodbye Iran,” readers watch the relationship develop between Hossein and Hamid, as the soon-to-be medical professional introduces the recent high school graduate to a way out of the war: illness. After contracting the illness that will take him out of eligibility for the war, the pair plans to leave Iran for medical treatment. Readers also see Hossein and Afsaneh deal with serious problems that most westerners never have to deal with.  Readers get acquainted with some of the history and traditions of this several thousand year-old nation. With more than 30 illustrations, the author shows readers the events as he himself experienced and envisioned them.

Tirgan believes that “Goodbye Iran” will appeal to readers interested in foreign affairs, war-related problems and Iran specifically. The author presents readers with a true story that depicts how war affects innocent citizens and their future.

“Goodbye Iran” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Hossein Tirgan lived in Tehran through the 1979 revolution and much of the Iran-Iraq war. He eventually moved to New York, which has become his home away from home. There, he practices medicine.

M. Hossein Tirgan
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