Businesses using Opus Virtual Offices stay connected through hurricanes, extreme weather

Even as Hurricane Sandy brought devastating catastrophe to the east coast, costing billions in losses including business interruption, Opus Virtual Offices reports that clients using its virtual offices services remained reachable during and after the terrible event.
(PR NewsChannel) / November 7, 2012 / BOCA RATON, Fla. 

Opus Virtual OfficesEast coast residents and businesses will be working hard to return to normal for a long time after the terrible superstorm, Hurricane Sandy, hit the U.S. in the last days of October. The largest Atlantic hurricane on record, it devastated portions of many states and preliminary estimates of losses, including business interruption, surpass $50 billion. Almost all business in the vast affected areas came to a halt for days, but Opus Virtual Offices reports that clients using its virtual office services never lost contact with worried customers and experienced minimal disruption.

“We at Opus VO are shocked and saddened by the destruction and suffering caused by Hurricane Sandy, and we’ve given generously to the relief effort,” said Yori Galel, the CEO of Opus Virtual Offices. “However, one thing I’m pleased to report is, due to the nature of our virtual office system, Opus clients were very thankful that our service remained operational at all times.”

Virtual offices are an increasingly popular choice with 21st century business owners, entrepreneurs and franchisees. Opus describes a virtual office as a total business system utilizing advanced technology to create a flexible online workplace that eliminates the need to rent, lease, or maintain costly physical office space. An Opus virtual office can be operated from home, smartphone, or tablet from hundreds or thousands of miles away, and is available for the nominal cost of only $99 a month. An impressive corporate address is provided, as well as other features to operate a modern business, but most beneficial in events such as hurricanes and serious winter storms, is the Opus state of the art telephony.

A phone and fax number with area code matching the corporate address is provided, yet phones are answered by live professional receptionists at Opus headquarters. They take calls and messages from an Opus client’s customers, using greetings tailored to their requirements. No matter what the weather is like at the corporate address, customers can reach the business through these receptionists or through fax and voicemail that effortlessly converts to email.

There is enough to be concerned about when extreme and dangerous weather conditions prevail. Having to worry that business is disrupted or lost shouldn’t be an extra burden. Opus VO makes sure its clients are covered. For more information about the Opus Virtual Offices program, contact

About Opus Virtual Offices: Opus Virtual Offices provides the most complete Virtual Office program available in the industry, with more than 400 locations in the US, giving you the corporate image you require. The Virtual Office program is the perfect office solution for all new and expanding businesses looking to gain all the resources to provide the perfect image at a low cost. Our sophisticated system has been designed to provide all the features a professional business requires without having the extreme costs that are normally associated with the operating of a business.

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