New deal for Gulf Coast businesses, employees: New oil spill settlement agreement means more get access to multi-billion dollar fund

However, consumer lawyer Eric Seidel claims that many in Florida don’t realize they qualify

(PR NewsChannel) / October 10, 2012 / TAMPA, Fla.  

McIntyre, Panzarella, Thanasides Attorneys at LawConsumer Lawyer Eric Seidel today announced:  “Many individuals and businesses here on the West Coast of Florida are unaware they’re entitled to compensation because they mistakenly believe that they were not affected by the 2010 BP oil spill.”

But attorney Seidel says given the enormous economic scope of the disaster, BP has agreed under the settlement terms that any business or individual that meets the settlement’s parameters will qualify for potential compensation, not just those directly related to tourism or the fishing industry. 

That means outside of the calculations and explanations needed for a claim, a business or individual need not determine whether the losses are related to the oil spill. Not only that, but if the business claim qualifies, employees will be entitled to compensation under the settlement as well.

On his website, Seidel provides a link for filing your claim under the new court-monitored program as quickly as possible.

As for who can apply, Seidel says nearly any business from the Panhandle of Florida down to Key West could have a claim in the multi-billion dollar settlement fund.  

On the local ABC Morning Show, Seidel was interviewed along with his firm’s lead oil spill attorney regarding the types of businesses that may apply for a share of the oil spill fund:

Seidel says the previous claims process, commonly known as the Gulf Coast Claims Fund, was considered too arbitrary by the courts, resulting in the new court-monitored BP Settlement Program which is finally reviewing claims. Therefore, even if a business was turned down previously, they can still apply for this new settlement. In fact, even if funds were received under the old system, unless the company or individual signed a final release with BP or the Gulf Coast Claims Fund, they may still be eligible under this new program.

Consumer lawyer Eric Seidel is a partner in the Florida-based law firm of McIntyre, Panzarella, Thanasides, et al, and has been filing claims on behalf of hundreds of local business of all kinds, as well as individuals who suffered income loss in 2010.

Seidel and his team of lawyers and accountants will perform free screening evaluations of all potential claims. If it is determined a viable claim exists, the firm will file it for the company or individual on a contingency fee basis. Meaning, they will only accept a fee or reimbursement of costs if funds are obtained for the person or business.

Eric Seidel, Esq.
1-855-SPILL-HELP (774-5543)

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SOURCE:  McIntyre, Panzarella, Thanasides, Bringgold & Todd, P.L.

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