Behavioral expert exploits tactics used by retailers, aids readers in becoming smart shoppers

In his new book, “Supermarket Shoppology: The Science of Supermarket Shopping, and a Strategy to Spend Less and Get More” behavioral expert Phillip Adcock gives a fascinating insight into the techniques retailers use to harness our loyalty, while teaching readers how to save money and become smarter shoppers

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"Supermarket Shoppology" will help readers see through retail sales tricks and become a smarter shopper

Unpacking the bags from a trip to the supermarket can be a frightening reminder of exactly how much was just spent. According to Phillip Adcock, a behavioral expert with more than three decades of human analysis, supermarket bills are topped only by mortgages. His new book will help readers to become smart shoppers and cut down on the grocery bill without cutting down on the groceries.

Wanting to help people become smart shoppers based on innate scientific principles, Adcock has written “Supermarket Shoppology: The Science of Supermarket Shopping, and a Strategy to Spend Less and Get More”. The insight the book offers provides an insider’s guide to the methods supermarkets use to influence shoppers, coupled with a logical method to retain control of the desire to spend by offering tips on how to save money.

“The influence that stores have engineered results in the average household spending more in the supermarket than on anything else, except the mortgage,” said Adcock.

Adcock feels that “Supermarket Shoppology” could become a Bible for those who are quick to throw the contents of every shelf into their shopping cart. The book aims to explain what techniques the supermarkets use to influence even the most discerning shopper. It also offers sound techniques and strategies on how to save money by spending less and getting more, avoiding ‘buyer’s remorse’ and spending more wisely.

“Human evolution has a powerful effect on how we shop. In the book I explore the basis of our evolutionary development while explaining how it still drives us to the checkouts with full carts” Adcock adds.

The explanation is followed by a logical and practical step-by-step approach to becoming smart shoppers, and becoming able to make more calculated decisions and ultimately develop into a wiser shopper with hard earned cash.

Readers will also be treated to an interesting insight into the process from the retailer’s end. With billions spent every year on marketing, advertising and research, all aimed at influencing the captive in-store audience, Adcock delivers advice for taking back control and not succumbing to the every wish of consumer engineers.

“Put simply, Supermarket Shoppology aims to bring the fast-buying supermarket-a-holic back to their senses; turning them into more considerable shoppers with more money left in the bank and more in their kitchen cupboards” Adcock concludes.

 “Supermarket Shoppology: The Science of Supermarket Shopping, and a Strategy to Spend Less and Get More” is produced entirely in the UK and is available to order from most book shops in the United Kingdom and globally via UK based Internet retailers and Paperback ISBN 9780956956408, RRP $16.77 (£9.99); Hardback ISBN 9780956956422; RRP $30.99 (£14.24); Kindle $7.44 (£4.59).

About the author: Phillip Adcock is a leading authority on shopping and consumer behaviour. With more than 30 years of human behavioural research, he has developed a unique ability to identify what it is that makes people tick, both psychologically and physiologically. He works in an advantageous position of not being constrained within any particular brain science field. Moreover, Phillip has developed his skills by combining the teachings of experts on numerous aspects of neuroscience, psychology and emotion within his professional role of helping leading brands and retailers better understand their customers – you, the shoppers.

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