Memoir highlights author’s struggle with bipolar personality disorder

Cheryl Lynn highlights how suicide and bipolar personality disorder has affected her life in “Pretty Painted Picture: Little Girl Lost…”

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"Pretty Painted Picture: Little Girl Lost..."

"Pretty Painted Picture: Little Girl Lost..." by Cheryl Lynn

In “Pretty Painted Picture: Little Girl Lost…” (ISBN 1479173290), Cheryl Lynn reveals her traumatic childhood and early adulthood. Written for adult readers, this autobiographical memoir touches on difficult subjects ranging from suicide to bipolar disorder.

At the age of eight, Lynn lost her father to suicide. Life only got harder for the young girl, as she struggled with depression and severe mental illness. Through “Pretty Painted Picture,” she gives readers a realistic perspective of life with bipolar disorder. Lynn details her struggles with bipolar disorder, including signs and symptoms of the disorder and depression. She shows how cutting, suicide attempts and extreme personality changes may symbolize the manifestation of the disorders within an individual.

Lynn also gives a heartfelt depiction of what life is like without her father. She explains that grieving someone who committed suicide is not the same as grieving someone who died normally. As Lynn writes in her book, “There is no closure. Every morning when you open your eyes, you relive the death all over again. It never gets better.”

“I never got to hold his hand and say goodbye. I never got to hug him and tell him how much he meant to me,” says Lynn. “I am broken. I am lost. In some ways, I feel like he has manifested his twisted, tortured soul in mine.”

While “Pretty Painted Picture” dwells on much of Lynn’s past, the memoir also acts like a guide to the present and future through the mind of someone who has faced a large amount of pain and heartbreak over the years and is living with bipolar personality disorder. Lynn hopes that her candid and open memoir will help readers better understand mental illness and those in their life who may be living with it.

“Pretty Painted Picture: Little Girl Lost…” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: A lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, Cheryl Lynn currently lives in Beaver Falls with her husband, son and two daughters. She has always been inspired to write, penning poems, real-life events and journal entries over the years.

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