Instructional guide teaches readers how to protect themselves, loved ones

Leon Ives shares his experiences working in the military and with the federal government to educate readers on how violent criminals and sexual predators operate in “Vanished!: How to Protect Yourself and Your Children”

(PR NewsChannel) / September 25, 2012 / RALEIGH, N.C. 

"Vanished!: How to Protect Yourself and Your Children"

"Vanished!: How to Protect Yourself and Your Children" by Leon Ives

“Vanished!: How to Protect Yourself and Your Children” (ISBN 1477453598) by Leon Ives addresses how to protect yourself and loved ones from violent criminals and sexual predators through personal and family security plans. Ives strays away from messages of traditional missing person books by providing expert advice on prevention and how to enhance personal awareness.

“Vanished!” provides specific steps in understanding how to develop a personalized security plan. Ives says the first two goals are to prevent a disappearance from happening in the first place, followed by how to find a loved one as quickly as possible before he or she is seriously harmed.

With an extensive career background in the military, federal government, law enforcement, criminal investigations and private security, Ives discusses the issues with the current national missing person program in the United States. He highlights the various problems parents and other individuals may encounter when making a report to law enforcement. He offers answers to a variety of issues.

“My book encourages a new and better missing persons program at the national level,” Ives says. “It encourages the reader to become an advocate for our nations’ missing person problem, and to push for a better program through their congressional representatives and state legislators.” Much like our nation’s War on Terrorism, he suggests a War on Predators.

Ives hopes readers will pass his book along to family and friends to start a dialogue on the issue of missing children and adults in America. He believes that by raising awareness, the current national missing persons program can be revamped to find more of our loved ones faster. According to Ives, over 990,000 missing children and adults reports are filed every year and more than 102,000 missing persons are still on file.

“Vanished!: How to Protect Yourself and Your Children” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:
Leon Ives has more than 30 years of experience in the U.S. Army, federal government and private security sector. His background includes law enforcement, counterintelligence and criminal investigations. Ives has traveled domestically and internationally throughout his career and understands what criminals know and how they think. His goal is to share his knowledge and experiences with readers through his book.

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