Clever cats run amok to protect owners from vindictive faery queen in new children’s fantasy book

Maggie Gil creates a whimsical world where pixies and playful cats engage in “The Faery Stone: The Cats of Merryweather Meadows”

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The Faery Stone

"The Faery Stone" by Maggie Gil

In “The Faery Stone: The Cats of Merryweather Meadows” (ISBN 1475083599), Maggie Gil has created an illustrated children’s book where cats and faeries cavort together in a realm that is invisible to the human eye. Intended for a third through sixth grade audience, the light-hearted fantasy story explains just what lies behind all the crazy jumping and running at invisible things that house cats engage in. The answer, according to Gil, is that cats have “faery sight” and access to the Faerie Realm.

In this fantasy, the main characters are four cats, Nickel, Patches, Dusty and Queenie. With their adopted families, they live on a farm called Merryweather Meadows. One day, a young human toddler named Cade does something accidentally to anger Maeve, the queen of the Faerie Realm. In response, the wrathful Maeve vows revenge. The four cats and some unlikely allies must defend their home and families from the vengeful faeries. 

“The Faery Stone” offers an unusual explanation for why cats always seem to be lunging at things that are not even there. Cat owners will laugh in recognition at this hilarious explanation for a feline behavior they know all too well. With its detailed illustrations and lively text, it is intended as a beginning chapter book for older elementary-aged students but can be enjoyed by cat lovers of all ages.

Full of funny moments, tense drama and cat heroics, “The Faery Stone” will make for a light-hearted and fast-paced read sure to be loved by anyone who has ever owned a cat. It aims to appeal to the sympathetic imaginations of young children who have surely wondered what their pets are thinking as they dart from room to room in fast pursuit of nothing. Lively and funny, it is a moving story about people and their pets, and the enduring importance of loyalty, love, friendship, and family. 

“The Faery Stone: The Cats of Merryweather Meadows” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Maggie Gil lives in a small town in Texas with her husband and young son on a farm very much like Merryweather Meadows. She is an avid reader of fantasy fiction who used her love of the genre to write this book. “The Faery Stone: The Cats of Merryweather Meadows” is her first published novel.

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