Woman continues life with abusive husband in dramatic new novel

Seeking to answer the question of what makes women stay in unhealthy relationships, Aliah Uddin writes about abusive relationships from both the male and female perspective in “Her Demise”

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"Her Demise"

"Her Demise" by Aliah Uddin

In “Her Demise” (ISBN 1477460519), Aliah Uddin crafts an unlikely novel about domestic abuse. While many books in the genre describe how a woman gets wiser and leaves her abuser, this story narrates the life of a woman who not only stays with the man who beats her but marries him as well. Told from the viewpoints of both the husband and the wife, this psychologically probing novel explores the untold reasons why good women stay with men who are bad for them.

The story follows the deeply troubled romance of Sariah and Preston. Sariah has spent much of her life feeling unwanted and like less than a woman. Tall and handsome, Preston is a womanizer with a dominant, masculine personality. His personality both attracts and repels the many females who come through his life. Against his better judgment, he falls in love with Sariah.

Yet Preston soon becomes jealous when Sariah attracts the looks and attention of other men, and it is not long before his fierce, protective nature hardens into hits and slaps. Over the six years of their coupledom, Sarah breaks down little by little, slowly withering under the physical and psychological weight of his strikes. The reader is left to question if and when she will decide enough is enough, even as Preston moves to take the irreplaceable from her.

“Her Demise” covers domestic abuse quite differently in tone and plot from any other books in the genre. Instead of a story where the abused exits the relationship midway through the story and readers watch as she puts the pieces of her life back together, this book dives headlong into the wreck of an abusive marriage and ferrets out why each party acts the way they do.

Gripping and heartbreaking, “Her Demise” is a no-holds-barred portrait of domestic abuse.  Uddin’s portrayal of romance gone wrong and various characters’ motives will cause readers to question much of what they know about relationships and the promises of young love. 

“Her Demise” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Aliah Uddin has never been physically abused. To write her debut novel, she drew on personal experience of having loved and accepted the unacceptable. She earned a bachelor’s in English from Hunter College. Uddin is a stay-at-home wife and mother to her husband and their three children.  

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