Stingray, bull shark team up in unlikely friendship in children’s book

V. R. Duin creates a moving tale about team-building and the perils of stereotyping in her illustrated undersea adventure for children, “Little Ray and Shark Patch Things Up”

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Little Ray and Shark Patch Things Up

"Little Ray and Shark Patch Things Up" by V. R. Duin

V. R. Duin’s “Little Ray and Shark Patch Things Up” (ISBN 1475190425) teaches young readers life lessons about teamwork and the dangers of stereotyping during an adventurous rescue in the deep blue sea. The latest release in the Little Ray series follows the lead character stingray and his friends in their escapades under the ocean.

“Little Ray and Shark Patch Things Up” begins as Little Ray is cavorting in the waves, performing an underwater circus made up of all sorts of flips, curls, jumps and tricks only a talented stingray can perform. The acrobatics are greeted with laughs and applause from human friends boating on the surface of the water, but all the waves and commotion provoke unwanted attention. A large bull shark nearby thinks all the splashing means it is feeding time.

When the lone, dark fin appears, Ray’s human friends scream in fear and crank the engine to escape. But the fast shark cuts right for the vessel, puncturing a hole in the boat. In a panic, Ray’s friends begin rapidly bailing out the boat with pails on hand. When the shark comes around for a second pass, Ray thinks quickly and adheres himself to the boat, serving as a patch to keep the water out of the boat.

The shark stares at Ray, precariously holding the boat together. He comes to his senses and moves to help the boat get back to shore. With Ray’s help, the bull shark makes its way toward the boat’s bow and grabs the anchor chain to tow the boat safely back to shore. As the shark and boat near the beach, the sunbathers see the dreaded fin and take off running and screaming, but the boaters know better.

“V. R. Duin is an experienced author of children’s books, having written and published four in her Goopy Ghost series, as well as a previous book featuring her Little Ray character, “The Amazing Flight of Little Ray.” As one might expect, Duin’s latest work proves that she has many of the techniques of children’s literature down to a science: Her rhymes flow nicely and relate the story without ever seeming forced. The illustrations are also well done, vibrantly colored and consistent, aiding the storytelling throughout.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Sometimes when we trip or fumble, teamwork may just stop our stumble. That’s why we must always show respect to help that comes as we least expect,” as author Duin writes. “Little Ray and Shark Patch Things Up” is a fun parable about working together and seeing beyond surfaces. The author’s work contains a message for both adults and children.

“Little Ray and Shark Patch Things Up” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: A disability attorney by trade, V. R. Duin is well-known for her series of children’s books. Her others books include The Goopy Ghost series, “The Foxy Armadillos” and “The Amazing Flight of Little Ray.” A proud parent and grandparent, she lives with her family on a small horse farm. To learn more about Duin, readers can visit

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