New book reveals techniques for cultivating creativity, innovation

“Innovative Thinking: Unleashing the Creative Power of your Mind” by Japanese training company Business Consultants, Inc. helps readers become more productively creative

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"Innovative Thinking: Unleashing the Creative Power of Your Mind"

"Innovative Thinking: Unleashing the Creative Power of Your Mind" by Business Consultants, Inc.

In “Innovative Thinking: Unleashing the Creative Power of your Mind” (ISBN 1475086539), Business Consultants, Inc.(BCon), one of the oldest and largest management consulting firms in Japan, has collected their hands-on approaches for training individuals to become more creative. Their insights and strategies can be applied to both business and everyday life, fostering the power of our own mind to create innovative solutions to the problems that vex us.

The creators behind “Innovative Thinking” argue that creativity is not the cognitive gift granted to a select group of geniuses. Rather, they believe creativity is a skill learned, just like any other. It sets about practical methods and strategies for cultivating creativity. With examples from leading global authorities and case studies, this guide educates individuals on how to become more innovative thinkers.  

Aimed at business culture leaders, this guide to creative thinking shows management professionals, executives and research leaders how to foster an innovative culture within the realm of an organization. Firms in need of innovation will appreciate the practical, concrete methods BCon offers for generating new concepts and ideas for generating revenue.

 “Innovative Thinking” touches on the Japanese concept of taga, which explains how creativity can often be blocked at the individual and organizational level. Companies who want to develop cutting-edge ideas, both from the bottom up and the top down, will learn an immense amount of creativity-fostering techniques from its pages.

A team of consultants at BCon originally published this book in Japanese in 2004. In their home country, “Innovative Thinking” has already provoked groundbreaking new business approaches in developing innovative organizations that go against the grain. This book was developed not only from personal corporate experiences, but also from hundreds of books, workshops and lectures by experts in the field.

Well-written and clear in its explanations, “Innovative Thinking” will give businesses and professionals a leg-up in fostering new concepts and products from their established employees as well as their new recruits. As bold as it is practical, the book insists that creativity is a learned skill that can and must be taught to all employees.

“Innovative Thinking: Unleashing the Creative Power of your Mind” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Founded in 1964, Business Consultants, Inc. is one of the oldest management consulting and training companies in Japan. Their Innovative Thinking System™ (ITS) was first developed based on research and studies carried out by the firm. For the past 15 years, they have been teaching other organizations and businesses the collective wisdom they have assembled on fostering creativity. 

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