Memoir of life with autism allows readers personal look into disorder

YouTube star Alex Olinkiewicz shows how life with autism is both normal and frustrating in “In My Mind: A Journey Through My Life With Asperger’s/Autism”

(PR NewsChannel) / August 14, 2012 / SHELTER ISLAND, N.Y.  

In My Mind

"In My Mind" by Alex Olinkiewicz

In “In My Mind: A Journey Through My Life With Asperger’s/Autism” (ISBN 1477620079), Alex Olinkiewicz shares his life’s journey with autism through words and illustrations. At 21-years-old, this young man has a maturity beyond his years that shines through as he explains both the utter normalcy of his life as well as the limits of his condition that affect his ability to drive and interact socially. The title of his book comes from his highly successful YouTube video of the same name that has attracted 1.27 million viewers.

“There are varying types of Asperger’s, and young people cannot all be squeezed into having the same diagnostic symptoms. But what they do have are some correlation to the symptoms laid out by Hans Asperger,” says Olinkiewicz.

In “In My Mind,” Olinkiewicz takes readers through the eight central defining symptoms of the autism-Asperger’s spectrum. He explains how each of these symptoms manifested themselves in his own life. He shares how his condition affects his social development, his sense of panic and even his physical movements. Unable to drive due to his autism, Olinkiewicz explains how the condition can keep him from some of life’s routine activities. 

In writing this memoir, he is aided by Dr. Richard O’Connell, an award-winning author and New York State Counselor of the Year. The author’s illustrations and graphics help articulate his condition and the unique way he experiences daily life. Some of the young man’s unpleasant episodes will bring readers to tears, while others are recounted in great hilarity, as his difference drives comedic situations that all involved can laugh with in understanding. In the addendum to the book, family members and friends assess Alex’s diagnosis and offer their own advice on life with someone with autism or Asperger’s.   

Educational, endearing and empathetic to others in the same situation, “In My Mind” will reveal the painful and joyful aspects of autism alike, while exploring the thoughts of a young man who strives to live an otherwise normal life. 

“In My Mind: A Journey Through My Life With Asperger’s/Autism” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Alex Olinkiewicz was born and raised in Shelter Island, N.Y. He wrote this book to give people living with Asperger’s and autism a voice. Now 21-years-old, he wants people with his condition to be treated as equals and be given the chance to develop healthy social networks.

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