New novel explores impact abortion has on men who fathered children

When his wife secretly aborts their baby, a husband is devastated and moves to change the law to prevent this from happening to others in “Junior” by Michael D. Harper

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"Junior" by Michael D. Harper

Michael D. Harper’s new novel highlights the pain a husband suffers when his wife secretly aborts their baby. “Junior” (ISBN 147742265X) is one of the first books of its kind to address the controversial issue of abortion from a father’s point of view.

“Junior” recounts the early courtship of Richard and Nicole, who fall in love and get married. When she gets pregnant, however, life is anything but happily ever after. Nicole cheats on Richard and falls in love with a female co-worker. Acting on her own impulses, she aborts the baby she conceived with her husband and only tells Richard after the fact. Richard is utterly devastated by the loss of his unborn son and the collapse of his marriage due to his wife’s infidelity. Instead of wallowing in his sorrow, he moves to change the laws governing abortion so that no man or woman will ever again have to suffer the pain he experienced.

While mourning the loss of his child and working to change the law, he meets another woman who helps him cope with the struggle. But the anger and depression he can’t shake is overpowering. He turns to drinking his sorrows and finds himself quickly spiraling into alcoholism. No one seems to be able to reach him. He obsesses over what his life would have been had his family and marriage remained intact. The one consolation in his life is that the law will one day require parental notification of a pregnancy prior to performing an abortion. Sick with his alcohol addiction and shattered life, Richard finally gets to see his hard work pay off when the new law is passed and implemented. 

Not long after his victory, Richard dies from his alcoholism, but his struggle was not in vain. When he arrives in heaven, he meets someone he has been waiting years to come face-to-face with. Harper offers readers a unique look at abortion from a father’s point of view with a story of love, betrayal, endurance, and, ultimately, justice.

“Junior” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Michael D. Harper is an attorney who has been in private practice for over 16 years. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University and his law degree from Boston College Law School.  He lives and works in Atlanta.  

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