Decoding book press release distribution myths

When book marketing service providers make claims that seems too good to be true, they usually are

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book marketing, book marketing servicesThere are a number of options available to book authors when they are in the market for book press release distributions. But among the stats and statements that some companies tout to authors are a number of exaggerated or misleading ones that are said to close a deal.

Here’s a list of the more common statements some companies make and ways to keep you one step ahead of the game, provided by the distribution newswire PR NewsChannel:

Book press release distribution myth #1: “We distribute your press release so it will be seen by millions of people.”

This is meant to sound as impressive as it does misleading. The way most companies justify this statement is by adding up the TOTAL number of visitors to the website where your book press release distribution might appear via syndication. It, of course, does not mean your press release will be seen by every visitor to that website.  

If the “Boston Globe” receives 200,000 visitors a day to their website, and the book press release distribution included the same site, companies count that as 200,000 people, when in reality only a percentage of that number may actually see your release on that website.

What can you do? Make sure to ask the book press release distribution company to clarify these extremely vague stats. Try to select a company that offers a more detailed book press release distribution selection process.

Book press release distribution myth #2: “We have a database of 500,000 reporters”

Is the company implying that it will send your press release to 500,000 people or boasting about their reach? Companies don’t distribute every press release to every person in that database. Sports reporters rarely cover business news and will opt out of a list quickly if they continually get spammed.  The book press release distribution company may have a database that large, but your press release will likely go to a list of a few thousand rather than hundreds of thousands. Why do business with a company that’s misleading you right out of the gate?

Book press release distribution myth #3: “We can guarantee coverage of your release.”

One of the great things about this country is the ability of newspapers and other mediums to freely report what news they want, how they want. If the government can’t force news coverage, there’s no way for a book press release distribution company to force media members to report on a new book. And if they can’t force someone to cover the release, they can’t guarantee coverage.

What they may be referring to is syndication of your press release–which means, there are news media outlets that will run the press release as is. That should be great news to everyone. But to imply it is something more than that is misleading.

What a press release distribution company can do is ensure that any book press release distribution is delivered to media personnel who cover topics related to your book.  Choose quality over quantity. Make sure to ask potential distributors how they select who they send to. Try and find a provider that doesn’t distribute to an entire staff list of a particular outlet or city. Instead, choose a press release distribution company that becomes more involved with your book press release distribution by weeding out those who won’t cover your book. At PR NewsChannel, we carefully select the list of journalists who would receive your press release. And reporters appreciate that!

Book press release distribution myth #4: “Distribution to journalists is the only way to get your book covered.”

The press release has adapted to the social media explosion. Between Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest authors can now market their book press release distribution directly to readers. A little bit of research of trending topics on Twitter or a pin on the latest book release board can allow consumers direct access to the release of your new book.

Make sure the book press release distribution company you chose has an active social media presence. Ask how they can incorporate your book press release into their social media content. Incorporating links to the site of your book or a strategic use of Twitter trends can provide sales for a book that doesn’t have a published review. Make your press release interactive, by embedding videos and other content so it becomes a destination worthy of finding!

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