New novel portrays child whose mobster dreams come true

“A Dream Too Far” by Carolyn Arturi follows a boy with ambitions of becoming a gangster and the violence he experiences along the way

(PR NewsChannel) / August 2, 2012 / HAWTHORNE, N.J.  

"A Dream Too Far"

"A Dream Too Far" by Carolyn Arturi

“A Dream Too Far” (ISBN 1475282168) by Carolyn Arturi tells the suspenseful story of Petey Carbone, a young boy who learns to do what he must to get by on the streets, no matter the cost. Petey’s violent tendencies set him apart from his peers and he becomes involved with the mob at a young age.

“You will read about the strong, the weak and last but not least, the greedy,” says Arturi. “Street people never know when the hunter becomes the hunted.”

The book is informed by Arturi’s own experiences with organized crime. Her father was involved with crime families in New York and New Jersey, offering a window into a crime world that taught her about the inescapable violence that comes with the lifestyle.

Readers will be immersed in the dark world of the mob, where characters embrace the glamour and dread the repercussions of life in organized crime. Arturi introduces a realistic depiction of life as a mobster and as a bystander, in which harsh violence knows no bounds. She brings her story to life as Petey’s dream takes grip and defines the path for those around him, with some who are willing to die for him and some who don’t have a choice.

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About the Author: Carolyn Arturi, a New Jersey native, was raised in the world of organized crime. Her father was a well-known mobster, and while she enjoyed the luxury that accompanied his lifestyle, she grew to fear the brutality it brought. As an adult, Arturi devoted her life to health care until she retired to become a full-time mother and pursue her writing career. She currently resides in Hawthorne with her family. 

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