New guide explains how to provide for family pets when owners no longer can

In “If I Should Die Before My Dog,” Joe and Cathy Connolly show owners how to make sure their dogs will be properly cared for and raised in the case of death, disability or other circumstance

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If I Should Die Before My Dog...

"If I Should Die Before My Dog..." by Joe and Cathy Connolly

In “If I Should Die Before My Dog” (ISBN 1475124511), Joe and Cathy Connolly tackle a topic that no dog owner likes to discuss. In the event pet owners can no longer provide care, whether through accident or bad health, few people can answer with certainty what would happen to their beloved pet. In this helpful new guide, these conscientious dog owners use real-life stories to show how every dog owner can take concrete steps to make sure their dog will remain in good hands.

The husband-and-wife couple decided to write the book after the death of both of Cathy’s parents within an eight-month period. Among her father’s last words were concerns about how his little dog would go on without him. Later, the couple realized that all dog owners face this dilemma. At any age, a concerned owner should recognize that their dog could possibly outlive them.

This guide shows pet owners how to take the appropriate measures to make sure that their dog will be well-taken care of after death, illness or any circumstance that render them unable to care for their pet.  Essentially, this book shows dog owners how to organize their dog’s information and summarize their life story so that any potential new owners will be able to provide care and love in a continuous way. It gives comfort and aid to pet parents who know that their dog will be well cared for during the transition from one home to another. 

“If I Should Die Before My Dog” calmly answers questions that many dog owners would prefer they not have to contemplate at all. It provides security and resolution to a thorny topic and is a volume that the authors say will enhance the shelves of veterinarians, doctors and dog owners alike.  

 “If I Should Die Before My Dog” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Joe and Cathy Connolly have been married since 1979. After long careers at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, they are both retired. Over their lifetimes, they have been involved with the owning, training and raising of dogs at all levels. Cathy, in particular, has experience as a dog breeder, groomer and handler. 

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