Press release distribution newswire offers book marketing service for self published authors

PR NewsChannel offers book marketing services for self published book authors

(PR NewsChannel) / July 31, 2012 / TAMPA, Fla. 

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Book marketing can be affordable and effective.

There is no greater feeling for a self published author than holding their finished thoughts in their hand. The issue is that the job isn’t finished when the book is completed. Promoting a self published book and using quality book marketing services is important if an author wants to turn a completed work into a selling book.

The main hurdle for these authors is that they don’t have a publishing company pouring in thousands of dollars to help them with book marketing services. With the smaller access to funds comes an increased need to use these funds wisely in order to gain notoriety for a self published book.

A well-written press release should be the start to any book marketing service as it is the best way to gain interest for any new book. Authors can be the best candidates for writing these releases as they are the ones who just finished writing the book, but this can allow too much information to appear in the release. Allow a professional to write an unbiased release that can be appealing and get the newsworthy aspects to the forefront.

But a well-written press release is nothing without getting it to the right people. For self published books, that doesn’t mean the book editor of the “New York Times”. Bloggers, radio hosts, local newspapers and trade magazines are the lifelines to gaining traction and credibility for any book.

The key for self published authors is to not set their sights on best-seller lists and rule any other potential coverage as unimportant. The more effective book marketing service allows for more places a self published book can potentially turn up. This only increases the ability of both the book and the author of gaining coverage and notoriety.

As the digital age has evolved into the social age, the involvement of social media is a growing need when it comes to book marketing services. Share the release via Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site the author may be a part of.  If an author has reached out to a professional newswire, ask how the release can appear on their social media pages. This direct connection to potential readers can only increase the visibility of the book.

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