New book highlights man who built prototypes for first aerial torpedo

Richard B. Rossi praises his grandfather Giuseppe Rossi’s accomplishments, as he built a forerunner to the modern-day cruise missile in “Patent for Murder”

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"Patent for Murder"

"Patent for Murder" by Richard B. Rossi

In “Patent for Murder” (ISBN 1470082454), Richard B. Rossi tells the unsung history of his grandfather Giuseppe Rossi, an inventor who was one of three men of the World War I era who developed successful prototypes of the unmanned aerial torpedo. The weapon was a precursor to the modern-day cruise missile. The other two men were formally educated engineers who garnered government funding to implement their ideas. Giuseppe Rossi, however, was an Italian immigrant with little formal education and no sources of outside funding. Nonetheless, he drafted sketches of the flying torpedo, constructed the weapon, successfully test flew it and even patented it.

“Patent for Murder” paints a tender and accurate portrait of Giuseppe Rossi’s unlikely achievement. Seen through the eyes of his surviving grandson, this is the history of an unknown patriot and how he accomplished his mission. The author has long wanted to write this book, since first rummaging through family photo albums as a child and discovering a tattered newspaper article that read, “Robot Planes? A Natick Man Flew Over One in R.I. 1918.”

Though his grandfather’s invention would later prove to have enormous military significance, the device never got to see the light of day. As Richard B. Rossi grew into adulthood, he began to wade through historical research to understand why this was the case. His fact-finding mission into family and military history reveals the very different country that the United States was at the conclusion of the First World War. Told in an easy-to-read novel format, this fact-based, fictional book demonstrates how one amazing invention can affect a family across generations.

“Patent for Murder” will appeal to fans of both military histories and immigrant family sagas. It follows the author’s quest for answers while bringing late recognition to his grandfather and documenting Giuseppe Rossi’s singular contribution to military technology and history. 

“Patent for Murder” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Richard B. Rossi was born on February 17, 1955, exactly 18 years after the death of his grandfather, Giuseppe Rossi. He wrote and researched this book not only to bring to light the military contributions of his relative, but to sing the praises of the first-generation immigrant forefathers who helped forge the modern United States. Since he was a boy, Rossi has always been enchanted by his grandfather’s invention.  

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