Author shares personal pursuit of motherhood while highlighting difficulties of biological hardships, injustices of adoption process

Dr. Merryl J. Polak explains the continued heartbreak of failed fertilization methods and the anxiety of adoption in her book, “Murphy Lives Here”

(PR NewsChannel) / July 26, 2012 / RIDGEFIELD, Conn.  

Murphy Lives Here

"Murphy Lives Here" by Dr.Merryl J. Polak

In “Murphy Lives Here” (ISBN 0615555632), Dr. Merryl J. Polak discusses the difficulties of wanting to have a family when motherhood seems out of reach.

Emma Porter expresses her overall satisfaction with being a happy wife and successful teacher. She felt that when the time was right, her feelings would tell her when she wanted to add the responsibilities of ‘loving mother’ to her life’s resume. But her biological clock gave her a rude awakening, and before she knew it, the desire to become a mother overpowered every other aspect of her life.

Porter was stunned when she discovered she was unable to get pregnant. She and her husband strategically planned for a year before turning to professional assistance. After a series of tests failed to reveal conclusive evidence, Porter and her husband were left with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility.

After using every possible alternative, the Porters decided to pursue adoption. Even through this time-consuming process, the Porters continued to try to conceive a biological baby. After numerous in vitro attempts, a series of miscarriages and a withering bank account, the couple learned they had been selected as the adoptive parents of a newborn baby girl. Unfortunately, even this event was short lived when the birth parents changed their mind about the adoption. After months of communication with the birth parents and equal parenthood planning, the Porters had to return the infant to her birth parents after five days.

“Murphy Lives Here” showcases the hard reality of adults who face these issues. But Polak says she believes readers will be left with a series of emotions after they finish her book.

“Readers will undoubtedly be left questioning the merits, laws and rights of those who dream of parenthood, but have been denied that privilege by biology or the letter of the law,” Polak says.

While other books discuss the topic of infertility or the agonizing anticipation of adoption, Polak believes hers is unique as it identifies with a woman’s story about infertility treatments, miscarriages and adoption loss simultaneously. Polak’s honest view of infertility and adoption highlights the triumphs and disappointments from the view point of a woman who is desperate to become a mother.

“Murphy Lives Here” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Dr. Merryl J. Polak works as a middle school math teacher in Ridgefield, Conn. She received her master’s in elementary education from Sacred Heart University, and was awarded her doctorate from Walden University. Before receiving her middle school math certification, Polak taught writing to elementary school children for nearly a decade. After a combined eight years of trying to conceive naturally, exploring fertility treatments and waiting on an adoption list, she and her husband were blessed with a daughter.

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