Author overcomes anxiety without pills, embraces exercise

Nic Lucas shares how he managed anxiety through everything from behavioral therapy to exercise in spite of professional advice in “Anxious but Happy”

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Anxious But Happy

"Anxious But Happy" by Nic Lucas

At 28, Nic Lucas was living a great life. Married and motivated, he was full of purpose and gusto. However, when he experienced his first panic attack, Lucas shattered. In “Anxious but Happy” (ISBN 1439265879), he reveals how he navigated a painful journey of treatment and anxiety to freedom.

The crippling attacks motivated Lucas to seek guidance and relief from his general practitioner. All that his doctor offered him, however, was a prescription drug and the opinion that counseling was a waste of time. After Lucas did his homework and found that his prescription could actually cause anxiety and addiction, he decided to visit a psychiatrist, whose only answer was another pill.

Lucas began to research what occurs within the brain when anxiety takes over, and how the condition affects the patient following the ingestion of anxiety medication. While Lucas acknowledges that some drugs may alleviate anxiety, he points out that they may also exacerbate emotional and physical symptoms. For this reason, he avoided medication and decided to tackle his anxiety on his own and found his way to freedom.

“I’m not claiming that the strategies I found are unique,” Lucas says. “In fact, most of what I include can be labeled under some other type of therapy. However, all of the information is true. The important part is that it really worked for me, and there is scientific proof that it worked for other people.”

When people used to ask Lucas how he was doing, he’d respond with, “Anxious, but happy.” Now, thanks to his years of research on treatments that free victims of the disease without side effects, he answers the same questions with, simply, “Happy.”

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About the Author: Nic Lucas is a health professional and medical researcher with qualifications in clinical science, pain medicine, osteopathy, clinical epidemiology and public health. He has published scientific papers in the area of diagnostic medicine and is an editor of the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. He believes that what qualifies him to write on the topic of anxiety disorder is his own successful recovery from it.

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