Military hero warns of impending conflict between US, China

“The Final War: Avoiding It through a New Harmonic Society” shows how Chinese interests in the Middle East and Latin American threaten the United States

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The Final War

"The Final War" by Col. Fernando Morote-Solari, Elsa-Sofia Morote Ed.d. and Patricia Bowens McCarthy, Ed.d.

In “The Final War: Avoiding It through a New Harmonic Society” (ISBN 0985371412), Col. Fernando Morote-Solari, Elsa-Sofia Morote, Ed.d. and Patricia Bowens McCarthy, Ed.d. draw out the political collision course on which China and the United States are headed. A two-part book, the first section discusses the roots of the geopolitical conflict while the second outlines the authors’ philosophy of social harmony and how it can be used to avoid war.

Drawing on the geopolitical work of famed geographer Halford Mackinder, the authors rewrite the world’s political map to place its center in Jerusalem, the famed historic Israeli city that they claim will be the locus from which all power emanates. As Middle East crises have moved further east to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, observers should note that the latter two countries border China. At the same time, “The Final War” considers moves that the Chinese could make in Latin America that would isolate these countries from their traditional relationship with the United States.

Put together, the authors say these two political trends could augur for war between these two world superpowers. Yet they argue that there is a way for the two nations to avoid being drawn further into a conflict in which both would be unwilling combatants. Through their self-described harmonic philosophy, the authors show how diplomatic maneuvers could create peace and stave off a disastrous war. In detail, they discuss how this philosophy would bring harmony between people and nations.

Also available in Spanish, “The Final War”  reveals the reality of impending military confrontations and the steps that can be taken to avoid it. This work is directed at readers concerned over the direction taken by both the United States and China.

“The Final War: Avoiding It through a New Harmonic Society” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Authors: Col. Fernando Morote-Solari is a decorated military hero and author of 20 works. He is a current leader of geopolitics, a subject he touches in “The Final War: Avoiding It through a New Harmonic Society.” Morote-Solari teamed up with internationally recognized professor and researcher, Elsa-Sofia Morote, Ed.D., and her colleague and editor, Patricia Bowens McCarthy, Ed.D.

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